New ‘IT: Chapter Two’ Trailer: The Loser’s Club Faces Their Greatest Fear One Last Time (VIDEO)

The new trailer for ‘IT: Chapter Two’ has arrived with a look at the Loser’s Club reunion while preparing to face off with Pennywise one last time…

‘IT: Chapter Two’ lands in theaters on September 6 but a new trailer has finally arrived.

In this clip, the Loser’s Club reunites in Derry after Mike calls them back to once again face the evil known as Pennywise the Clown.

Much like the original book, the members of the Loser’s Club have all largely forgotten what happened to them as children because moving away from Derry makes you lose those memories but Mike never left and thus he remembers everything.

The trailer features a terrifying showdown between Bill and Pennywise in a hall of mirrors and then plenty of other jumps and scares throughout the two-plus minute clip.

Get ready to go back for ‘IT: Chapter Two’ in the final chapter of this story — but check out the trailer now ahead of the September 6 release date!

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