New ‘Thor: Ragnorok’ Trailer Reveals New Details for The Hulk and the War for Asgard (VIDEO)

A new ‘Thor: Ragonorok’ trailer debuted at San Diego Comic Con with a ton of new footage…

The newest trailer for ‘Thor: Ragnorok’ dropped on Saturday at San Diego Comic Con with a deeper look at the upcoming battle between the God of Thunder and his old pal the Hulk not to mention a new super team tasked with stopping the evil Hela aka the Goddess of Death.

We learned ahead of the trailer that the story takes place a couple of years into the future in a world where the Hulk has stopped transforming back into Bruce Banner while also relocating to a fighting planet called Sakaar.

There, the Hulk has found his place alongside The Grandmaster, who uses him as the grand champion of his gladiator games. The Hulk is not only a fearsome brute who has never been defeated but now he’s carved out his own niche into a world and he’s not allowing Banner to take back control.

And of course, Thor is then brought in as an opponent the two old friends are forced to face off in a battle of epic proportions.

And the Hulk has even managed to learn to speak a few words so he’s no longer just a muscled up beast who grunts and roars at everybody.

In addition, the new trailer gives a much deeper look at Hela — the goddess of death — after she conquers Asgard and it forces Thor to bring his own super team together to stop her from wrecking his home world.

Take a look at the new trailer ahead of ‘Thor: Ragnorok’ in theaters on November 3

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