‘Orange is the New Black’: Final Season Trailer Debuts Ahead of July Debut on Netflix (VIDEO)

The trailer for the final season of ‘Orange is the New Black’ has arrived as Piper adjusts to life on the outside while the love of her life remains locked up…

‘Orange is the New Black’ will come to an end with the final season debuting on Netflix on July 26 and the first full length trailer has arrived.

At the end of the last season of ‘Orange is the New Black’, Piper received a surprise early release from prison as her sentence was cut short at the same time her fiancee Alex was facing all sorts of turmoil and many of the familiar faces from Litchfield were suffering in the private prison system.

Most notably, Taystee was sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of killing a guard during the prison riot two seasons ago and it was only made worse after her best friend Cindy was the one who essentially put the nail in the coffin by testifying against her.

Now as the new season picks up, Piper is dealing with life on the outside after her release while the people still in lockdown are suffering under the PolyCon system.

Take a look at the final season trailer for ‘Orange is the New Black’ with the full season dropping on Netflix on July 26.

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