Quentin Tarantino ‘R’ Rated ‘Star Trek’ Film Moving Forward at Paramount

Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ movie is moving at warp speed with a writer about to be hired for the project…

“Does Captain Kirk look like a bitch?”

It’s entirely possible that line gets slipped into the next ‘Star Trek’ film in the works at Paramount as Quentin Tarantino has pitched his idea with hopes to direct the project with one major condition attached — the film must be rated ‘R’.

According to Deadline, Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ movie is moving quickly at Paramount after he met with producer J.J. Abrams and they quickly assembled a writer’s room where he pitched his idea for the film with hopes that someone could bring his vision to life.

As of now, Mark L. Smith, who wrote the Academy Award winning film ‘The Revenant’, is the current front runner to land the job to write the script for Tarantino’s ‘Star Trek’ film.

If all goes well, Tarantino would then return to direct the project after his current film focused on the summer surrounding the Manson family murders is completed.

The only way Tarantino would sign on to do the ‘Star Trek’ film was if the studio would agree to an ‘R’ rating, which is typically not done with tentpole features such as these but to get such a high profile writer/director on board, Paramount and Abrams both agreed to his demands.

The plan is for a script for the new ‘Star Trek’ film to be written while Tarantino works on his next movie and then he would return to direct the latest sequel and boldly go where no ‘Star Trek’ film has gone before.

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