Report: Chris Pratt Leading Candidate to Land ‘Indiana Jones’ Reboot at Disney

Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt might want to practice his whip skills because he’s currently the leading candidate to land the new ‘Indiana Jones’ franchise at Disney….

Two years ago, Chris Pratt was a comedic actor best known for his role on the NBC series ‘Parks and Recreations’ but how much difference can one movie make on a career?

Well, Pratt took a huge turn in 2014 playing Star-Lord in the mega hit Marvel franchise film ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and now his name is being tossed around for any number of projects.

The biggest rumor of the moment is Pratt taking over for Harrison Ford as Disney explores the possiblity of rebooting the ‘Indiana Jones’ series of films that were so hugely successful in the 1980’s.

Deadline says that Pratt is the name at the top of Disney’s list to play the adventurous archaeologist although everything is in preliminary discussions at this point.

The last time Ford played the role was in 2008’s ‘Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull’, which was critically panned as the worst film in the entire series. At the time there were talks about Shia LaBeouf possibly taking over the franchise after starring alongside Ford in the sequel, but the failur of the movie to get over with audiences (not to mention LaBeouf going off the rails in recent years) put everything ‘Indiana Jones’ related on hold.

When Disney purchased Lucasfilm and then acquired the rights to the ‘Indiana Jones’ film franchise, most assumed it was just a matter of time before a relaunch of the series would happen.

Now it seems quite possible and Pratt would be a great leading man for the series if the deal comes together.

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