‘Riverdale’ Season 3 to Feature ‘True Detective’ Inspired Murder Mystery

‘Riverdale’ season 3 will take a page out of ‘True Detective’ with a ritualistic murder mystery as one of the major plots…

Time is a flat circle in ‘Riverdale’.

The upcoming third season of the popular series on The CW will draw inspiration from the HBO series ‘True Detective’ with a ritualistic murder that will dominate a big part of the story when the show returns on October 10.

According to ‘Riverdale’ show runner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, there is a new murder mystery in town this season that will put Jughead and Betty on the case to find out the history behind the ritualistic sacrifice.

“One of my favorite things recently was the first season of True Detective, and we’re sort of telling a similar ritualistic crime that happens in Riverdale,” Aguirre-Sacasa told EW. “We jokingly call it teen detectives meets True Detective, because we find Betty and Jughead investigating this really disturbing crime that seems to speak to the very twisted history of Riverdale.”

The storyline will allow fan favorites Jughead and Betty to work closely together as a crime solving duo, similar to the dynamic they carried throughout much of the first season of ‘Riverdale’.

The ‘True Detective’ inspired murder will also force the teenage sleuths to dig deeper into their town’s history, which will then lead to the highly anticipated episode on November 7 when the stars of the series will play their parents in a series of flashbacks.

“The murder victims in the present were playing a game called Griffins & Gargoyles, which is, of course, the Riverdale version of Dungeons & Dragons,” Aguirre-Sacasa explained. “Our kids discover that when their parents were in high school they also were playing this game, and there was a similar murder that happened in the past.”

‘Riverdale’ season 3 will also explore a cult that’s been talked about since the first season when Alice Cooper, still searching for answers after discovering that her husband was a serial killer, joins her daughter Polly at the mysterious ‘Farm’.

There she meets the charismatic leader named Edgar Evernever as well as his daughter Evelyn, who will both play a major part in the upcoming third season.

“We’re going to meet the farm’s leader, Edgar Evernever but, equally important, we’re going to meet his daughter, Evelyn Evernever, who is an Archie character that we’re sort of reinventing for this storyline,” Aguirre-Sacasa said. “There’s almost a banality to the cult and a sort of generic-ism that gets sinister pretty quickly.”

Look for more trailers for the upcoming third season of ‘Riverdale’ to debut in the coming weeks!

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