Ryan Reynolds Reveals First Look at Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’ (PHOTO)

Ryan Reynolds dropped another surprise on Monday with a first look at Josh Brolin as Cable…

Cable has finally arrived.

On Monday, Ryan Reynolds dropped quite a surprise by revealing a first look at Josh Brolin as Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’.

Filming for ‘Deadpool 2’ is currently underway with a June 1, 2018 release date for the highly anticipated sequel starring Reynolds, Brolin and Zazie Beetz.

In the comics, Cable and Deadpool have been attached to each other for numerous series and storylines over the years so it made sense to bring him into the sequel. What’s not known at this time is how Cable’s origin story will come together because it’s a rather complicated mess that might not jive with current plans in the ‘X-Men’ universe.

Cable was born Nathan Summers — the son of Scott Summers aka Cyclops and his mother Madelyn Pryor, who was actually a clone of Jean Grey in an elaborate plot put together by Mr. Sinister. Following Nathan’s birth, Mr. Sinister intended to use him as a weapon against his former master Apocalypse, but in return the god-like mutant infected the baby with a deadly techno-virus that could not be cured. That forced Nathan’s parents to send him into the future where the disease could be managed and when he finally returns to this timeline, he has already become Cable.

It’s tough to say how much or how little of that story will be used for Cable in the ‘Deadpool’ sequel but at least now we know what he’s going to look like and it appears they are staying loyal to the original version from the comics.

‘Deadpool 2’ is out in theaters on June 1, 2018.

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