‘Scream Queens’ Officially Cancelled by FOX

‘Scream Queens’ will scream no more after the show was cancelled on Monday…

To no one’s surprise, ‘Scream Queens’ will not return for a third season on FOX.

The horror-comedy from uber creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Fulchuk and Ian Brennan has officially been canned after two seasons on FOX.

The show starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, Abigail Breslin, Billie Lourd and several other prominent actors and actresses was a social media hit during season one with the series getting a lot of attention, especially considering the same creative team was behind FX’s breakout hit ‘American Horror Story’.

Unfortunately, ratings for ‘Scream Queens’ didn’t exactly follow the buzz that came along with the show and by the end of the second season — which was creatively in the tank compared to the first — the show was averaging just over 2 million viewers per week.

FOX executives announced on Monday they have “no plans” to return for more ‘Scream Queens’ now or in the future.

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