‘Sons of Anarchy’ Star Ryan Hurst Joins ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9

Ryan Hurst is the latest addition to the growing cast for ‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 as he will portray an important character from the comics…

Ryan Hurst — best known for his role as Opie on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ — has been cast in the role of Beta for the upcoming ninth season of ‘The Walking Dead’, which debuts on AMC on Sunday night, October 7. The Wrap first reported the news.

Hurst is a veteran actor who has appeared in numerous series over the years including ‘Bates Motel’ as well as an upcoming role on the Amazon series ‘Bosch’.

Now he will join the cast of ‘The Walking Dead’ in a recurring role as Beta — the No. 2 person in charge of The Whisperers, who will become the primary antagonists in the upcoming season.

The Whisperers are a group of survivors who wear the skin of the dead in order to walk amongst the zombies while communicating with each other through hushed tones, thus the name of the group. The Whisperers move the herd at their will while walking amongst them, using the zombies as a massive weapon against anybody who stands in their way.

Hurst playing Beta joins Samantha Morton, who was cast in the role of Alpha — the leader of The Whisperers — as well as Cassady McClincy, who will play Alpha’s daughter Lydia.

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