‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’: Let’s Talk About Those Post Credits Scenes

‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ features two post credits scenes and needless to say massive spoilers lie ahead if you haven’t seen the movie…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer


‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ has finally landed in theaters as a follow up to the hugely successful ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ as well as the last movie in the Marvel ‘Infinity Saga’ that started more than a decade ago with the original ‘Iron Man’.

In many ways it’s befitting that Marvel brings that story to a close through the new Spider-Man movie because Tony Stark was a mentor and father figure to Peter Parker ever since this new version of the webslinger was introduced in ‘Captain America: Civil War’. Since that time, their relationship grew and evolved to the point where the biggest emotional gut punch in ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was watching Peter Parker fade to dust in the arms of a weeping Tony Stark.

The same could largely be said when Peter clutched onto Tony in the wake of his sacrifice to save the world by using the Infinity Gauntlet to wipe out Thanos and his armada one last time. Much of the theme in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ is Peter coming to terms with Tony being gone but perhaps more importantly is his ability to step into his role as a hero in a world that no longer has an Iron Man.

In the end, Peter finds out that it’s OK he’ll never be able to take Tony’s place because nobody could ever be Iron Man again. Instead, Peter learns that he can still be a superhero in his own way while being more than just a friendly, neighborhood Spider-Man.

Unfortunately, the post credits scene in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ seeks to unravel much of that revelation thanks to a game changing moment for Peter Parker.


The first of two post credits scenes takes place after Spider-Man saves the day and gets the girl when he finally admits his true feelings for MJ at the end of their class trip to Europe. Once they return home, Peter is back on hero duty but he’s not too busy to take his new girlfriend out for a ride across New York City.

MJ hangs on for dear life as Peter swings across the rooftops before finally landing back down on the street where his new lady love proclaims that she’s never going to do that again. Just when it looks like Peter’s life is going better than ever, a new report pops up on screen that alters everything for him.

A heavily edited video from Spider-Man’s final battle with Mysterio makes it seem like he was the maniac controlling technology given to him by Tony Stark in an attempt to become the savior that Iron Man had been to the world. Mysterio’s final illusion is this video where it appears Spider-Man kills him in cold blood and then unleashes a bunch of murderous drones out into the world.

Of course the reality is Mysterio was the one who used technology he created at Stark Industries to make these massive illusions that would allow him to become a hero to take Iron Man’s place. Once he was discovered and defeated, Mysterio tried to kill Spider-Man but instead he took a bullet in his own gut that ended his life but not before his tech team was able to download the video of the fight and release an edited version to the local news outlets.

The end of the video is what truly changes everything when Mysterio outs Spider-Man’s true identity as Peter Parker.

Needless to say, Peter is stunned not only that he’s being accused of cold-blooded murder but more importantly his identity has been released to the world, which immediately puts everybody he loves into grave danger. As much as Spider-Man had grown up in Iron Man’s image, that was one part of his life that was vastly different from Tony Stark.

At the conclusion of the original ‘Iron Man’, Tony held a press conference and revealed to the world that he was Iron Man. In the case of Spider-Man, both in the comics and in the films, he’s kept his identity a closely guarded secret to ensure the people he loves most would never suffer at the hands of his enemies.

In a nod to the previous Spider-Man films from Sam Raimi, J.K. Simmons returns as J. Jonah Jameson in the post credits scene to play a very familiar role (this time as an Alex Jones level blowhard with an online blog) as he denounces Spider-Man as a public menace, which sets up all sorts of potential storylines in the third film in this current series.

This could set up a showdown between Spider-Man and Venom, considering the version of the once villainous character now played by Tom Hardy is more of an anti-hero rather than a limb snatching sociopath. It could also set up an alternate world version of the famous Kraven the Hunter plot where he comes to American seeking to kill Spider-Man as his greatest trophy. Perhaps this version of Kraven could be a man hired to assassinate Spider-Man because he’s become public enemy No. 1.


The second post credits scene is the one that sets up a larger plot for the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a world that exists after ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

Throughout ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’, Peter is being chased by Nick Fury to take up the mantle of a superhero capable of saving the entire world but there’s just something off about this version of the character in the movie. As relentless as Fury has been since first arriving in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he was always the smartest guy in the room and one of the most tactical thinkers in any of the movies.

Unfortunately, the Nick Fury we meet in ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ makes a lot of huge mistakes — first believing the Elementals were a real threat to Earth and then putting his trust in Quentin Beck aka Mysterio as he groomed him to become the next Iron Man.

In the end we find out why Fury was making so many mistakes — it was never Nick Fury in the first place!

It turns out that Talos, one of the leaders of the refugee Skrull nation that first appeared in ‘Captain Marvel’, had been assigned to Earth to take Fury’s place while he was flying somewhere in outer space. Talos did his best to be Nick Fury but in the end the differences were just too many to cover up.

Meanwhile up in space, Fury is part of the intergalactic team of Skrulls now apparently acting as a police force of sorts, roaming the galaxy looking to clean up whatever problems may exist in hopes that another Thanos never appears.

In the comics, the Skrulls are always portrayed as huge villains but that was flipped and twisted in ‘Captain Marvel’ when instead they were painted as refugees searching for a new home after the powerful and vengeful Kree Empire drove them from their planet and sent them scattered across the universe.

Now it seems the Skrulls are the good guys — at least for now — and that could set up another huge storyline from the comics, which is the Kree-Skrull War that was part of a massive run in ‘The Avengers’ back in the 1970’s.

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