Stephen Amell Books First Post ‘Arrow’ Gig with Pro Wrestling Series on Starz

Stephen Amell will put down the quiver in ‘Arrow’ very soon but he’s already booked his next gig as he returns to the world of professional wrestling…

When Stephen Amell wasn’t patrolling the streets of Star City on ‘Arrow’, he dabbled in professional wrestling as a side project.

Now the actor, who will wrap up his time as Oliver Queen on ‘Arrow’ early next year, has booked his next major gig as he will lead an eight-episode series set in the world of pro wrestling titled ‘Heels’ for the Starz network.

“Set in a close-knit Georgia community, Heels follows a family-owned wrestling promotion as two brothers and rivals war over their late father’s legacy. In the ring, somebody must play the good guy and somebody must play their nemesis, the heel. But in the real world, those characters can be hard to live up to (and just as hard to leave behind).”

Amell will play Jack, the heel aka the bad guy in the wrestling business, opposite his brother in the Duffy Wrestling Association. Outside the ring, Amell’s character is a husband and father trying to make it big in the world of professional wrestling and he’ll do anything to put his family’s business on top of the world.

Amell has previously appeared in World Wrestling Entertainment where he participated in a match at ‘SummerSlam’ in 2015. He also took part in a singles wrestling match last year at the ‘All In’ pay-per-view, which served as a springboard for the new All-Elite Wrestling promotion, which will begin airing shows on TNT in October.

Amell will begin filming ‘Heels’ after he wraps up the 10-episode final season of ‘Arrow’, which kicks off on the CW on October 15.

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