Stephen Dorff Happy for ‘True Detective’ Co-Star Mahershala Ali to Take Over ‘Blade’, Open to Return as Deacon Frost

Stephen Dorff comments on his “True Detective” co-star Mahershala Ali taking over the role as “Blade” and his interest in returning as Deacon Frost…

Stephen Dorff made quite an impact in his role as Deacon Frost in the original “Blade” back in 1998 as he starred alongside Wesley Snipes in the beloved adaptation of the Marvel Comics character.

More than 20 years later, “Blade” will be resurrected as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but this time it will be Academy Award winner Mahershala Ali taking over the leading role. Dorff got to know Ali well after they starred together on “True Detective” season 3, which received rave reviews after airing on HBO.

Dorff has now moved onto his own series, “Deputy,” which is currently airing on FOX but he was definitely supportive that his former co-star got the chance to play “Blade” in the new version of the franchise.

“I saw him after it was announced [at San Diego Comic-Con 2019] and I’m happy for him,” Dorff told ET Online. “I think he’ll do a great job with Blade and reinventing the franchise. It probably should’ve been done a while ago, but I think it’s good for him.
“I mean, I love the guy. I’m sure he’ll do it justice. To have such a great actor in the part of Blade for this new generation, it’ll be great.”

While a lot of time has passed since he wore fangs as Deacon Frost in the first “Blade” film, Dorff admits that it’s a character that has stuck with him over the years. In fact, Dorff would be interested in revisiting the character, perhaps even doing a film focused around Deacon Frost similar to what DC and Warner Bros. just pulled off with “Joker.”

“I definitely would love to reinvent that character because that character’s someone who really stands [the test of time]. I still talk about [him] 20-something years later. I’m still signing Deacon Frost pictures out front today, so we’ll see where it goes,” Dorff said.
“I’m not the biggest fan of the superhero genre myself, but I did really love what my friend, Joaquin [Phoenix], did in Joker, and I think he’s probably going to win the Oscar for that. I’m really proud of him for his work in that, and I think there is room to tell other stories. I’m just not a big fan of the big ensemble, like 50 characters in one movie frame, it’s just a bit much for me. But then again, I’m 46 and I’m old. I’m not a kid anymore so if I was a kid, I’d probably love it.”

Marvel hasn’t made any announcements about the upcoming “Blade” movie other than Ali being cast in the lead role. Considering the popularity of those original films, Marvel would be crazy not to at least consider cameo parts for actors like Snipes and Dorff in the upcoming reboot.

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