‘Stranger Things 2’ Final Trailer: Eleven Returns and the Upside Down Grows More Ominous (VIDEO)

The final trailer for ‘Stranger Things 2’ has arrived with a much deeper look at what lies ahead…

From the opening seconds of the final trailer for ‘Stranger Things 2’ — or ‘Stranger Things’ season 2 if you prefer — it’s clear that Eleven has escaped the Upside Down but what is she doing and where is she going?

As we see her grab her favorite Eggos out of the box we last witnessed Chief Hopper dropping off those treats, the pace picks up in rapid fashion with a much deeper look into what lies ahead this season.

‘Stranger Things 2’ takes place during Halloween 1984 — one year after Will Byers disappeared into the Upside Down — but his return hasn’t changed everything back to normal.

Will is still haunted by visions of the Upside Down and to make matters worse, he’s seeing a bigger and even more ominous creature than the Demogorgon descending upon his hometown of Hawkins, Indiana. Unlike last season where no one could quite believe that Will just disappeared into a different dimension, it appears Chief Hopper is already pointing the finger at the Hawkins National Laboratory, which was responsible for tearing a hole between our world and the parallel dimension known as the Upside Down.

Unfortunately, Will is being treated by the doctors from the Hawkins National Laboratory and no one can seem to figure out what exactly happened to him after spending so much time in that alternate dimension. Of course, Will’s friends believe that he holds the key to defeating this creature that’s creeping closer and closer to crossing over into our world.

We also get a glimpse of Nancy and Jonathan teaming up together again — but only when the world is about to end just like last season.

Later in the trailer it also appears that Mike, Lucas and Dustin crossover to the Upside Down for the first time as part of their mission to save Will and destroy the monster trying to come through to the other side.

Oh and of course Steve still has his bat ready to go to battle to save the world.

‘Stranger Things 2’ will drop on October 27 on Netflix.

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