‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Both Sides Now’: Face/Off

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara and Alex face off with a new Worldkiller while Mon-El runs into marital troubles and Lena gets closer to Reign…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The looming fight between Supergirl and the Worldkillers got closer this week as another of Reign’s doom squad showed up but not exactly how you’d expect it.

Some sleuth work from Winn last week revealed one of the two remaining Worldkillers still hiding out on Earth and her name is Julia Freeman but she doesn’t yet know that she’s going to help bring about the apocalypse on Earth.

Still, it’s up to Supergirl and the DEO to track her down but once they do there are two very different approaches on how to handle her.

Meanwhile, Mon-El has been helping out with Kara’s mission more and more lately, which is drawing him closer to the woman he once loved while causing a rift with the women he married after traveling into the future.

And finally, Sam’s internal strife between her own life and Reign completely taking over nearly came to a head this week after she abandoned Ruby to go help her fellow Worldkiller and by the end of the episode it’s Lena Luthor who may have finally discovered her secret.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Both Sides Now’…

Good Cop, Bad Cop

The episode kicks off with the DEO tracking down Julia Freeman, who has been identified as one of the two remaining Worldkillers hiding in plain sight after crash landing on Earth decades ago after Krypton first exploded.

The covert government agency kicks in Julia’s front door with Supergirl ready to do battle with her latest enemy but inside they don’t find a woman trying to annihilate the world. Instead, Julia is enjoying a meditation session while jamming out to a Lisa Loeb record but the DEO crashing her house is enough for the Worldkiller inside of her to come out and play.

Julia transforms into Purity and unleashes a hellish sonic scream that takes everybody down, including Supergirl. Thankfully, Supergirl is able to stave off her attack with an icy wall that stops the deafening screams and that allows J’onn to put her in handcuffs for transport back to the DEO.

While at her house, the DEO team finds a black crystal similar to the ones housed at the Fortress of Solitude that carry all sorts of information and technology from Krypton. This black crystal isn’t like the ones at Superman’s hideout, however, so Winn is forced to do a rather lengthy scan to search for answers.

As for Purity, she remains locked down in a cell with no means to escape while Kara and Alex argue about how to handle this interrogation. Kara wants to appeal to Julia, who she believes is trapped inside Purity trying to get out while Alex wants to threaten and antagonize the Worldkiller for answers on the group’s next plan of attack.

Elsewhere, Mon-El asks J’onn for some help repairing the battery systems on the Legion starship because they are beginning to lose power, which will prevent his team from flying home when this mission is finished. J’onn and Winn both lend a hand but back at the Legion ship Mon-El ends up lashing out at Imra while trying to repair the ship, which leads to a tense moment between husband and wife.

Finally over at L-Corp, Lena gives Sam the day off to rest after her series of blackouts and encourages her to spend some time with Ruby away from the office. Sam picks up her daughter and school for a sabbatical at the ice rink where they will forget about their troubles for at least a few hours.

Sadly that bonding moment doesn’t last long when Sam is forced to transform back into Reign when she’s notified that one of her fellow Worldkillers is in trouble.

Love and Marriage

Back at the Legion ship, J’onn pulls Mon-El aside for a little heart to heart about his marital problems with Imra.

Mon-El reveals that he actually married Imra as a matter of settling a brewing galactic war between her people and those living on Earth. It was a sign of peace between the two warring factions but over time Mon-El grew to love Imra and their marriage became more real.

Now Mon-El is conflicted because ever since he returned to Earth in 2018, his feelings for Kara have started flooding back to him and he’s done his best to avoid her out of risk that his marriage might suffer as a result.

When he finally decides to confront his feelings and confess to Imra what’s been going on, she wonders if he’s still in love with Kara. Mon-El answers honestly that he doesn’t know right now but that’s when Imra drops a bombshell on her husband.

She hasn’t been telling him the truth either.

It seems the Legion came back to Earth in 2018 for a different mission than the one Mon-El was told about and now she’s finally ready to come clean about why they returned in the first place. It’s tough to tell what that reason will be but the look on Mon-El’s face tells the whole story that he’s floored by whatever she’s about to say next.


The repeated attempts to get to Purity fail rather miserably and Winn doesn’t get any further with the Worldkiller crystal until it activates on its own and destroys the power grid at the DEO. That allows Purity to break out of her cell, blast Supergirl with her sonic scream and escape the building.

Winn is able to outfit the team with some special earplugs to stop Purity’s weapon as Supergirl, Alex, Mon-El and J’onn pursue her into the subway. A battle ensues and while Purity can’t use her sonic scream against the team sent to retrieve her, she can target the people and the subway station itself, which she begins tearing apart while Supergirl and the rest of her support crew rush to save everybody.

As the fight escalates, Purity gets the drop on Supergirl and locks her in a choke hold, threatening to end her life when Alex turns the table and appeals to her humanity as Julia. Finally the flickers of the person who is locked inside Purity begins to come out as Alex reaches her and she lets Supergirl go.

Just when it looks like the DEO will be able to capture her, Reign shows up out of nowhere and she’s ready to finish the job of the subway station to save her fellow Worldkiller until Julia turns herself over to stop the carnage. Reign flies away with Julia before returning her to their own Fortress of Solitude where she will begin her transformation into Purity.

While they weren’t able to stop Reign, Kara believes that she’s figured out a way to stop the Worldkillers without getting into a knock down, drag out fight where somebody is bound to end up dead. Instead, Kara believes appealing to the humanity in each of them might be the way to prevent this war from escalating any further.

Finally after Reign returns Purity to the Fortress of Solitude, she transforms back into Sam and is horrified to discover that she abandoned Ruby at that ice rink where she was forced to call Lena Luthor to come get her.

Back at L-Corp, Lena tells Sam how she tried to help Ruby understand what was happening with her mother by telling her that she was dealing with these blackouts. Sam is enraged that Lena divulged this information to her 12 year old daughter and for a moment her eyes turn red just like when she becomes Reign.

That’s when Lena mentions a coincidental timeline for Sam’s disappearances and blackouts, which leads her to believe she has an answer for what is happening with her. Lena stops short of revealing that information but it seems she’s figured out that whenever Sam goes missing in action that she is transforming into the Worldkiller known as Reign and her identity may have finally been revealed.

‘Supergirl’ will return on April 16 to finish up the back half of season 3 with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ occupying the 8 p.m. timeslot on the CW for the next two months…

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