‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘City of Lost Children’: A Hole in the Universe

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, James tries to connect with a young alien as Rhea unveils her plan to conquer Earth…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It’s been an entire season built towards this conclusion but with only two episodes of ‘Supergirl’ left, it’s clear the battle brewing will pit Earth’s mightiest heroes against a horde of alien invaders from Daxam.

In the latest episode, two separate stories converged in a revelation that Queen Rhea from Daxam set out on a mission of vengeance against the girl who stole her son away her by destroying the second planet she’s called home.

Thanks to some help from Lena Luthor, the climax of the episode brought about a whole new level of terror as Rhea welcomed Daxamite ships from around the universe together as they converged on Earth.

The ultimate plan is to conquer Earth and turn the planet into a new age Daxam and it might be up to only Supergirl and her famous cousin to stop them.

Before get too ahead of ourselves, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘City of Lost Children’…

With Great Power

James Olsen is still patrolling the streets at night as Guardian but recently he’s run into a new phenomenon that he never expected to encounter. While his fearsome alter ego is striking fear into criminals, he’s also managing to scare the crap out of the people he’s trying to save.

It puts James in a morose mood because he signed up for this gig to help people and make a real difference just like Supergirl, but instead he’s seeing victims as scared of him as they are of the criminals.

While lamenting his current conundrum, James and Winn run into a telekinetic alien, who proceeds to destroy and entire street fair with just her mind. The powerful alien is just about to launch a truck into a building when Supergirl shows up to save the day. Unfortunately she stops the destruction but the alien escapes.

Back at the DEO, Winn discovers that the alien is from a race known as Forians — a telekinetic and telepathic race who are best known as a peace loving people — so J’onn and the crew can’t figure out why she would be attacking them. Still, she needs to be stopped so he dispatches his team to find her before she does anymore damage.

Unfortunately, James isn’t part of those plans but he soon finds himself right at the center of it when he busts another alien for buying drugs and he turns informant by telling the Guardian where this telekinetic wrecking machine actually lives.

When James arrives, he doesn’t find the powerful alien waiting there to thwart him but instead he discovers her son all alone in the house. James takes off his mask when the little boy is clearly scared of him, but the two of them soon connect before he takes him back to the DEO.

Sadly the little boy named Marcus isn’t willing to talk to anybody but James so he concocts a plan to build a little trust by taking the kid out of the holding cell and back to his office so he won’t be so scared of the situation. James arrives at Cat Co. offices with the little boy, who finally opens up as they share stories about how both of their fathers died as soldiers. Marcus seems to trust James and he’s almost ready to tell him where his mother has gone when his eyes turn purple and he starts tearing through the building with his powers.

The boy is literally crushing Cat Co. from the inside out until Supergirl dashes into pull him away before his eyes go back to normal. The latest incident forces them to put the boy into a holding cell at the DEO while they search for answers as to why he suddenly went nuclear without any provocation whatsoever.

Cause and Effect

After manipulating Lena Luthor into helping her build a device that would open a portal between worlds, Queen Rhea of Daxam is one step closer to unleashing her plan against Earth while particularly taking aim at Supergirl for turning her son against her.

Rhea says all the right things to Lena while building the device — the encouragement she never received from her own mother — as they put the finishing touches on the portal.

The final test sees the portal finally open up as Lean and Rhea celebrate their work together, but that can only mean bad things for everyone else.

At the DEO, Winn is trying to figure out if there were any anomalies in the city when the Forian aliens attacked and he discovers large spikes of electromagnetic energy on both occasions. It turns out that whenever Rhea turns on her machine, the spike in electromagnetic energy “turns on” (for lack of better words) the telekinetic powers in the aliens and they go haywire.

That explains why the woman and her son both “attacked” when really they were just short circuiting thanks to Rhea’s portal activating.

As Winn discovers this news, it clicks in Kara’s head that this was a project that Lena mentioned to her at lunch the day before. Kara realizes that Lena must be working with Rhea on this project and now she’s got to stop her from doing whatever she’s doing. Mon-El is also caught in the middle as he realizes that his mother never left Earth to go home to Daxam and now he’s going to be forced to face her again.

A Hole in the Universe

While Supergirl, J’onn and Mon-El track down Rhea’s secret laboratory to shut down her machine, James and Winn take Marcus on a mission to find his mother because he’s telepathically linked to her.

When they finally track her down, Marcus’ mother reveals there are about a dozen aliens from their home world all hiding out here after they lashed out with their powers earlier in the day. Winn brought along a dampening device to stop another telekinetic attack, but there’s no way it will work with this many aliens in one place.

Of course that comes back to bite him when Rhea turns on the device once again — this time at full power — which sends the aliens into a full blown panic attack. Thankfully, James is able to break through the trance with Marcus, who then reaches out to all the other aliens to shut them down as well.

James saved the day for Marcus and his people but things aren’t nearly as wonderful for Supergirl and her team.

They arrive at the secret lab when they discover that Rhea has built a portal that leads directly into Earth. Supergirl gets into a fight with her before rushing outside to try and destroy the portal before anything comes through.

Unfortunately, Rhea wakes up after taking a punch from Supergirl and that’s when she unleashes a device on J’onn that she was given by a White Martian. It seems this weapon traps a Green Martian in their own head and they are stuck in a perpetual nightmare, never able to get free.

Finally it’s a showdown between mother and son as Mon-El holds a gun to Rhea’s chest, warning her that Daxamites can’t stop bullets (perhaps a forewarning about Mon-El’s own fate this season?). As much as Mon-El wants to pull the trigger, he can’t do it because she’s still his mother. It’s only made worse when Rhea lies to him and says that his father committed suicide after Mon-El refused to go home to Daxam with them.

Of course, Rhea actually murdered him but that’s neither here nor there.

With Mon-El unable to stop his mother and Supergirl getting shut down when trying to destroy the device, the portal finally yields results as a wave of ships starts flowing through from one side to the other. Rhea celebrates after sending out a signal across the universe to gather all the rogue Daxam ships, who were able to escape the planet being destroyed, and now she’s gathered them all here for one purpose.

To turn Earth into New Daxam.

Only two episodes remain this season as ‘Supergirl’ returns with a brand new episode next Monday night at 8pm ET.

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