‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Far From the Tree’: Daddy Issues

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara travels to Mars with J’onn while Maggie tries to reconnect with her father ahead of the wedding to Alex…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ took time away from the larger storyline that’s been unfolding this season to focus on two separate plots involving characters dealing with their fathers.

For J’onn J’onzz that included a trip home to Mars after his part time girlfriend M’gann summoned him a week ago, desperate for his help. It’s only after returning to the red planet that J’onn makes the shocking discovery that there is one more Green Martian left alive and it’s his father Myr’nn.

Meanwhile back on Earth, Alex and Maggie are just about to celebrate their wedding shower when it’s made abundantly clear that one of them doesn’t have any family planning on attending much less doting over a blushing bride.

That leads to Maggie reaching out to her father for the first time in more than a decade and his arrival in town will stir up plenty of old emotions, but his visit doesn’t cause the disturbance that seems to be causing a strain for these soon to be newlyweds. Instead, it’s a difference of opinion that was first raised a week ago that continue to cause a chasm between Alex and Maggie and that might be the reason why this couple is doomed to fail (because Floriana Lima is soon leaving the show).

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Far From the Tree’…

Get Your Ass to Mars

As Kara helps her sister Alex prepare for the upcoming wedding shower, J’onn arrives to let them know that he won’t be attending because he’s headed off the planet for a few days. After receiving a distress call from M’gann last week, J’onn needs to head home to Mars to see what she needs but Kara refuses to let him go alone.

Considering Mars is ruled by White Martians, who all want to eradicate the last of the Green Martians, J’onn won’t be very safe and there’s no way Kara is letting him face that danger by himself.

So sadly they both have to bow out of the wedding shower as they board a classic 1957 Chevy convertible that is actually a Martian spaceship in disguise as they head towards J’onn’s home planet to find out what’s gone wrong.

When they arrive, M’gann is there to greet them along with her band of resistance fighters made up of White Martians, who all want a different way of life to battle back against their ancestors who unleashed a genocide against the Green Martians hundreds of years ago.

The reason for the call to J’onn wasn’t just because they needed help with their fight, but instead it was something much more personal. It turns out, J’onn isn’t the only Green Martian left alive because his father Myr’nn has been a captive of the White Martians ever since the war broke out that eliminated all of the Green Martians.

It seems J’onn’s father is a highly respected religious figure and even the White Martians weren’t willing to kill him out of fear of retribution from their god. Unfortunately, the White Martians have recently extracted a valuable piece of information from Myr’nn about a staff that reportedly has devastating powers that could increase their hold over the planet and eliminate the rest of the resistance rising up against them.

So the resistance forces are hoping that J’onn can help them break through with his father to find out the location of the staff before the White Martians can obtain it.

Unfortunately, J’onn’s father has locked his mind off from anybody trying to connect with him and he doesn’t believe that his son is still alive, much less standing directly in front of him.

With time running short, the resistance are going to attempt to extract the information by force, which leads to J’onn taking his father along with Supergirl and escaping the hidden base while still trying to convince him that his son is alive.

Father of Mine

Back in National City, Alex and Maggie are having dinner with Eliza Danvers and she asks some questions about her soon to be daughter-in-law’s family, which brings up some unpleasant memories. Maggie reveals that after she first told a girl that she had feelings fo her and the teenager freaked out, she returned home where her father had a suitcase waiting for her before driving to an aunt’s house where she was dropped off and left for good. Since then, Maggie has had little to no contact with her relatives while her parents have even cut her out of all the family photos out of the shame they feel for her being a lesbian.

Alex pushes Maggie about possibly contacting her father after all these years, hoping that time and distance have given him some perspective and his views have evolved. Maggie scoffs at first but then places a call to ask her parents to attend the wedding shower.

A day later, Maggie’s father arrives in town and he does his best to appear happy for his daughter. Maggie’s blown away to find out that her father, who is a sheriff in their hometown, has been following her career from afar, even studying the cases that she’s helped to solve as a police detective.

When he arrives at Maggie’s shower, her father attempts to make himself part of the family again while even handing over a childhood picture he keeps of her in his wallet so she can add it to a collage made by Alex’s mother ahead of the wedding. Unfortunately the sight of seeing Maggie kiss Alex pushes him over the edge and her father rushes out of the apartment.

Maggie confronts him downstairs and her father explains after he first came to this country from Mexico how he had to fight for anything and everything he ever received including the respect he got from the townspeople who eventually elected him sheriff. He claims that Maggie’s lifestyle only brought shame upon them all and he though he could adjust but seeing her with another woman was just too much.

The next day as Maggie’s father is leaving town, she greets him one final time while handing back over the photo he had given her. She explains that she’s no longer that little girl anymore and she’s finally comfortable in her own skin, whether he likes it or not. Of course, Maggie would love to have his support, but if he’s not willing to give it, she’s no longer going to try with him.

He leaves on a bus and Maggie finally has the closure with her family that she’s been seeking from the time she was 14 years old.

Back at home, Alex tells Maggie that they are the only family she will ever need but once again the subject of children comes up ahead of the wedding. Maggie makes it clear that she doesn’t want children and it has nothing to do with the problems she’s faced with her father over the years. Alex claims that she can live with that decision, but there’s clearly a rift growing between these two ahead of the wedding.

Family Reunion

On Mars, J’onn takes his father to the only place he believes will prove that he’s really his son — to the home where they grew up together before the war with the White Martians started. Myr’nn is brought to tears by the memories of this place he hasn’t seen in centuries and he tells J’onn that he’s finally been broken but still can’t believe that this is his son.

Thankfully, Kara shares some words of wisdom with J’onn’s father to prove that his son is actually alive and he opens up his mind to bond with the child he thought he lost hundreds of years ago. The family reunion is cut short, however, when the resistance fighters show up with time running out before the White Martians gain control of this powerful weapon.

Myr’nn leads them to the staff but they encounter the White Martians who have already arrived to claim the sacred weapon. A battle ensues with Supergirl, J’onn, M’gann and the resistance face off with the White Martians. The fight goes back and forth until Supergirl finally wields the powerful staff and she eviscerates the entire White Martian group trying to defeat them.

Back at the base, J’onn reconciles with M’gann and the resistance forces after a near falling out over trying to get the information from his father. The resistance decide to give the staff to Supergirl and J’onn to take back with them to Earth because this weapon is far too powerful for anyone to have on this planet and they feel that they need to set a better example for the next generation of Martians than to destroy each other.

Supergirl and J’onn return to Earth with a visitor in tow.

J’onn has brought his father back to Earth where he will reside now full time. It will be an interesting transition but J’onn is happy to have his family back with him as Myr’nn becomes a permanent resident of the planet Earth.

‘Supergirl’ returns with a brand new episode next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW.

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