‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘For Good’: Three Moves Ahead

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, a series of assassination attempts spin out of control between Lena and Morgan Edge while Sam looks for answers about her recent blackouts…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Following a week filled with Reign mythology, that battle took a backseat in the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ as Morgan Edge slimed his way back onto the screen while getting deeper into his ever vengeful war against Lena Luthor.

A series of assassination attempts unravel as the major plot this week but the problem is as much as Lena wants Edge dead, she’s not the one pulling the trigger this time. That leads to the return of another Luthor ready to protect the family’s ominous name.

Elsewhere this week, Samantha searches for answers for her recent string of blackouts and she turns to Alex for help trying to diagnose why she’s been losing so much time.

And finally, Winn searches for answers about the Worldkillers and how they came to Earth in the first place after Krypton exploded all those years ago.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘For Good’…

Happy Death Day

As Kara wakes up from nightmares about Reign and her fellow Worldkillers reeking havoc down on National City, she’s determined to find out more about these apocalyptic villains who are destined to show up sooner or later.

At the DEO, Winn, J’onn and the rest of the team theorize what exactly is happening with the Worldkillers after figuring out that they aren’t Kryptonian because they aren’t susceptible to Kryptonite and they don’t gain their powers from the yellow sun. Perhaps they were a result of some sort of genetic experiment on Krypton?

The more pressing matter right now is finding the two horsemen who will ride beside Reign as she brings down Armageddon on the world. Purity and Pestilence — two happy names — are the other Worldkillers and the only way the team at the DEO can try to track them down is by mapping the meteor showers that rained down after Krypton exploded. If Superman and Supergirl’s respective ships escaped, perhaps that’s where these Worldkillers came from as well and they can get some kind of answer about a location.

Meanwhile, Lena and James have an uncomfortable run in with Morgan Edge at breakfast, although he does manage to toss in one zinger at them by saying that the eggs inside are mediocre so they should fit right in. Burn!

After leaving, Edge’s car isn’t exactly paying attention to his foot on the brakes and before long he’s speeding down the street, out of control with no way to stop. Edge finally climbs through the trunk and dives out the back end while doing 80 miles-per-hour down the road. Never mind the fact that his head would look like a scrambled egg if he actually dove out of the car like that, Edge survives but his car ends up exploding after jumping a wall and falling into the ocean.

An irate Morgan Edge shows up at Cat Co. and accuses Lena of perpetrating this crime on him after she told him to burn in hell at that breakfast encounter. Of course, Lena denies any wrong doing but Edge promises his revenge.

Later that same day, Lena is still trying to figure out who went after Edge and hacked his car with such sophistication that no one can find a trace of what happened. When she gets her afternoon coffee, Lena takes one sip before passing out as she begins frothing at the mouth. Kara is quick to act by flying her to the DEO for treatment while James rushes downstairs to find the would-be assassin fleeing from the coffee cart outside the building.

James finally tracks him down but a second later the assassin gets shot dead and won’t be telling anybody anything it seems.

Back at the DEO, Alex figures out that Lena has been poisoned with cyanide and it takes Kara’s ultra cool super breath to bring her body temperature down enough to fight off the deadly toxin. The science is somewhat confusing but either way, Lena survives and lives to tell the tale.

James does his own attempt to get answers by going after Edge as the Guardian and threatening to toss him off a building before throwing him through the windshield of his own card while offering a not so subtle threat that worse will happen to him if he goes after Lena Luthor again.

Finally as James and Kara are telling Lena what happened while she was passed out from the poison, they explain to her the would be assassin died from a bullet wound but when the examined his body, no fragment could be found. It’s like the bullet just disappeared.

That leads Lena to look into some archives of old Luthor tech when her brother Lex was still in charge and that’s where she discovers his work on a disappearing bullet that begins breaking down after it’s fired until it finally disintegrates completely. Lena tracks down the company that manufactured those bullets and that’s when she finds the culprit behind this never ending cycle of violence — it’s her mother Lillian Luthor.

Blacked Out

Samantha turns to Alex for help trying to figure out why she’s been blacking out lately but she’s too afraid to go to the doctor. Thankfully, Alex was a physician before she was a bad ass DEO agent so she helps run several tests on Samantha including an MRI and bloodwork to try and find out why she’s been missing time so much lately.

Samantha is paranoid about what might happen to Ruby if she’s gone not to mention the guilt she’s feeling over lying to her friends and co-workers about why she’s been missing in action so much lately.

Alex assures her that friends and family will not only understand but they will be there for her. Of course they don’t know that Samantha is actually Reign but that’s neither here nor there for now.

Finally when the bloodwork comes back, Alex passes along the news that Samantha has nothing physically wrong with her. Rather than be elated at optimistic outcome, Samantha is still concerned because she’s suffering blackouts regularly and she’s no closer to finding out why.

Samantha does decide to come clean to everybody as to what’s been happening with her over these past few weeks. Lena, Kara and Alex all promise to help her through this, which will make the revelation all that more painful when they discover that she is Reign in disguise.

Three Moves Ahead

Lena is shocked to find her mother has returned to National City but she’s even more stunned to find out that Lillian is the one responsible for going after Morgan Edge and killing his would be assassin. It seems Lillian is just bursting with motherhood lately and she refuses to allow a bully like Edge try to go after her daughter.

Lena appreciates the gesture as Lillian tries to get her to embrace her inner Luthor. After all, Lena was always the smartest and most strategic one of the bunch — she’s a world champion chess player who always got past her opponents because she could think three moves ahead. Lena finally embraces her mother’s plan to kill Edge, but in reality she’s already thinking about her next move to ensure that he doesn’t actually die.

Back at Cat Co., Lena comes clean to Kara about the meeting with her mother and how she did try to kill Edge after he attempted to poison the city with lead to vilify her in the public eye. After that backfired, Lena admitted to herself that she’s not a killer and taking out Edge wouldn’t have made her feel better — it would have just made her a murderer.

So Lena employs Kara to help her save Edge’s life when they attend a gala later that night where he’s attending as the primary benefactor. Once inside, Lena tries to warn Edge that Lillian is gunning for him and his only path to safety is to tell her all of his crimes and she will make sure that the drone on its way to shoot him down never hits its target.

Of course, Edge scoffs at a confession but soon finds out that Lillian Luthor really is trying to kill him when a drone swoops down from the sky and begins blasting away with bullets. Supergirl and Mon-El intervene to slow down the drone while Lena saves Edge’s life when she gets the confession and pulls off his ID badge, which is what actually being targeted this entire time.

Meanwhile, Supergirl and Mon-El team up to take down Lillian, who shows up to the gala and reveals that she’s activated one of Lex’s ‘Lexosuits’. The battle rages on over the sky in National City but thanks to some quick thinking from Mon-El after he hacked one of Lillian’s drones, they are able to bring her down and then bring her to justice.

Before leaving, Lena tells her mother that she’s still a Luthor through and through but she’s not a killer like the rest of her family. Lillian almost looks proud that her daughter got one by her as she started to embrace her Luthor roots.

The day is saved but the work isn’t finished.

Back at the DEO, Winn reveals the people he discovered may have come down with the Kryptonian meteor shower based on location and subsequent medical reports about all four folks who are possibly Worldkillers. Kara immediately recognizes one named Julia, who she saw in her nightmares at the start of the episode.

Julia is the same woman who was crushed by a car on last week’s episode before shrugging it off like nothing happened. Julia is Purity — one of the fellow Worldkillers — and now it’s up to Supergirl and the DEO to find her before Reign does.

‘Supergirl’ returns with a brand new episode next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW.

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