‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Fort Rozz’: The Enemy of My Enemy

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara recruits a team to help her in a mission to Fort Rozz to track down a priestess who might know more about Reign…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

‘Supergirl’ is a series that has always embraced strong female characters but the latest episode was one of the best in the entire series as Kara was forced to call on some super friends to help her on a mission when she would no longer be the most powerful person in the room.

Kara is determined to find out more information about her greatest rival Reign and not only how she may stop her but more importantly what her plans are for Earth besides eradicating evil one criminal at time.

To accomplish her goal, Supergirl is forced to call on two of her most powerful enemies to help finish this mission thanks to her destination — Fort Rozz — currently circling a blue star, which means she will have no yellow sun to give her power.

Elsewhere this week, Alex takes care of Ruby while her mom is on a business trip traveling to Fort Rozz, and she gets a message from Maggie that clearly takes her back in time to the relationship she felt would last forever and she even manages to help snuff out some cyber-bullying while she’s laid up with a broken leg.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Fort Rozz’….

Girl Power

Last week, crazy Kryptonian worshipper Thomas Coville mentioned a priestess who held the secrets to Reign’s arrival and that led the DEO to discovering the person he was talking about was actually a prisoner occupying a cell on Fort Rozz — the Krypton prison that crashed on Earth that Supergirl eventually launched into space.

The priestess — Jindah Kol Rozz — was actually the inspiration for the name of the prison and one of the first people stationed there by Kara’s mother back on Krypton. To make matters worse, the DEO tracks down the location of Fort Rozz and the floating prison has settled into an orbit around a blue star. That means Supergirl won’t have a yellow sun to give her power so she will go there basically defenseless.

Add to that, the blue star has some sort of toxicity to anyone with a Y chromosome, which means no males can come anywhere near there if they want to stay alive. So that forces Supergirl to recruit a team of female bad asses to watch her back when she goes to Fort Rozz to retrieve this priestess.

Imra volunteers immediately — she loves the chance to work with her idol Supergirl no matter how awkward it might be that she’s married to the man Kara still loves. The next recruit is Leslie Willis — aka Livewire — who is currently working as a waitress in a diner to lay low with Reign taking out all the villains around town.

Supergirl convinces her to help under the guise that eventually Reign will come for her too, no matter how well she’s hidden. The final addition to the team is Psi — the mind zapping meta-human who can inject a person’s worst fears into their brain. Again, she’s hesitant to help but seeing as she’s a prisoner of the DEO right now, even stepping into a suicide mission is better than sticking around for meatloaf Mondays.

With her team assembled, Supergirl jumps aboard the Legion’s advanced spaceship and they fly off to Fort Rozz to find this priestess who can hopefully help them stop Reign.

Girl’s Night Out

When Samantha gets called away on business, Alex volunteers to hang out with Ruby while she’s gone. Seeing as Alex is still laid up with a broken leg thanks to her fight with Reign last week, she’s happy to have the company.

During a game of Trivial Pursuit where the answer wasn’t Moops, Alex gets a text message from Maggie and immediately a flood of emotions come running through her body. She probably imagines a million different things this message could say but ultimately it’s just Maggie asking Alex to see if she left her passport behind when she moved and to mail it back to her.

Alex expresses how much it still hurts to miss Maggie, especially considering she thought this was going to be the last relationship she ever had for the rest of her life.

During this emotional outpouring, Ruby admits her own problems happening right now thanks to a classmate at school cyber-bulling her over social media. Alex agrees to help put a stop to it because this is one area where she can still exert her authority.

Alex shows up at the bully’s house, flashes a FBI badge and proceeds to tell the girl to either stop what she’s doing or the authorities will be force to press charges and her parents will find out what’s been happening. The girl freaks out and tells her she will stop immediately and just around the corner Ruby is smiling that her new big sister had her back.

Sure it’s completely illegal but the little shit got what was coming to her.

As for Samantha, she’s supposed to be on an important trip for L-Corp in Lena’s absence but just before leaving she gets called back to her own Fortress of Solitude as she once again transforms into Reign. The holographic image inside the fortress tells her that Supergirl is closing in on the priestess in Fort Rozz who knows her entire mission, including the end game.

That means Reign has to intercept this priestess before Supergirl can get any information out of her at all.

The Enemy of My Enemy

Aboard Fort Rozz, Supergirl and her team are immediately attacked by a prisoner, who recognizes the symbol on her chest representing the House of El. During the fight, Supergirl gets knocked down and Psi gets injured briefly before accidentally turning her powers on Imra, who begins to see her greatest fears realized. Livewire finally stops the rampaging prisoner, but the fight worries Supergirl who ends up putting Psi’s inhibitor back on her so she’s no longer able to use her powers while on board.

The team gets to the bridge on Fort Rozz to try and track down the priestess but when the entire ship begins to shake, the find themselves in even more trouble. It appears a solar flare has hit the station, locking the docking bay that prevents them from getting to their ship and unless they can push Fort Rozz out of the current path its on within an hour, the entire place will be incinerated by the star.

Supergirl leaves Imra and Psi behind to deal with impending doom while she takes Livewire and they go search for the priestess.

While it’s not an easy task — thanks to the priestess sending some of her goons after both of them — they finally track her down and Rozz is none too happy to encounter Alura Zor-El’s daughter. Sadly just as Supergirl is beginning to get some information out of the priestess, Reign arrives to shut her up.

Thankfully, Supergirl learns at least one valuable piece of the prophecy regarding Reign — she will be assisted by two more Worldkillers named purity and pestilence. From there, Reign ends up disintegrating the priestess to keep her from revealing anything else while she engages in a battle against a powerless Supergirl and Livewire.

Of course Supergirl learns too late that Reign’s powers aren’t dependant on the yellow sun, which means she’s not actually Kryptonian. While Livewire is holding her own, Reign is getting the upper hand and that’s bad news for everybody on the ship.

Meanwhile back on the bridge, Imra’s having little luck stopping the station from crashing into the star. On Earth, Winn and Brainy try to find a way to re-establish communications with the women on Fort Rozz but ideas are running shot as time ticks away on all of them dying a fiery death.

While Brainy complains of this barely recognizable technology, it’s Winn who figures out a way to bounce a message off of the Voyager satellite and then get it to Imra on the ship. Thankfully, Winn figures this out with enough time to spare to help her configure the thrusters to move them out of the path of the star.

Imra also makes a decision to trust Psi when it’s clear that Supergirl and Livewire are having no luck beating Reign so she removes her inhibitor and sends her off to battle.

By the time she arrives, Supergirl and Livewire have both been beaten and Reign is just about to unleash the final heat-seeking shot that will kill her Kryptonian enemy. At the last second, Livewire jumps in front of the laser beam and she saves Kara’s life. That’s when Psi shows up and casts Reign’s greatest fear into her —an image of Ruby falling further and further away from her. Reign is starting to transform back into her alter ego when she bursts out of the room and escapes in her own ship.

The station has been saved, Supergirl found out some vital information but sadly Livewire dies on the floor after taking the shot intended for Kara.

Back on Earth, Kara is blaming herself, because that’s what she does, but Mon-El is able to offer her some solace by explaining that she helped Livewire transform from a life of crime into something else before death. Livewire may not have been a hero but she died doing something heroic and that’s all thanks to Kara being willing to give her a second chance.

Supergirl even helps Psi upgrade her prison cell at the DEO as a reward for helping her bring down Reign.

And finally, Samantha returns to pick up Ruby but when she gets to Alex’s apartment, she’s dumbfounded when asked about her business trip. Samantha has no memory and finds several missed calls, texts and emails from Lena after she never arrived at the meeting. That’s when Samantha finally admits to Alex that she’s been experiencing blackouts with no memory of where she goes or what she does and when she wakes up, she’s missing more and more time.

The last scene offers an introduction to a woman named Julia gets smashed by a car during an accident but rather than dying, she just causally pushes the crushed vehicle off her body before her eyes light up like a Christmas tree. It appears Reign has found at least one of her acolytes that will help her bring about the end of the world.

‘Supergirl’ returns with a brand new episode next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW.

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