‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Legion of Superheroes’: Super Friends to the Rescue

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Mon-El and the Legion of Superheroes have to step up to face Reign while Supergirl is still locked in a coma…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Following the winter hiatus, ‘Supergirl’ returned on Monday night for a brand new episode although the show will only be back for a short period of time before another break in a few weeks.

‘Supergirl’ is now sharing its time slot with ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ with that show set to pick up on Feb. 12 and it will run until April. Then on April 16, ‘Supergirl’ will return and run with brand new episodes for two months until the season 3 finale on June 18.

The change is happening primarily due to the debut of ‘Black Lightning’, which is set to premiere on Tuesday night at 9pm ET just after the new episode of ‘The Flash’. That was the timeslot previously occupied by ‘Legends of Tomorrow’.

So get ready for a few weeks of ‘Supergirl’ recaps before the show goes away again for two months!

With that said, let’s catch up with ‘Supergirl’ and the latest episode titled ‘Legion of Superheroes’…

Waking Sleep

Following a knock down, drag out battle with Reign that closed out the first half of ‘Supergirl’ season 3, Kara has been locked in a coma for the past two days with her friends and family watching over her. To help in her recovery, Mon-El offered up some 31st Century technology in his ship, which will help Kara heal faster while she’s still suffering the ill effects of the fight with Reign.

To aid in her recovery, Mon-El woke up another of his teammates in a long slumber as Brainiac-5 joins the show as the third member of the ‘Legion of Superheroes’ to join us along with Saturn Girl aka Imra Ardeen aka Mon-El’s wife.

Braniac-5 — nicknamed Brainy — is part man, part machine with the ability to enter a person’s subconscious, which is exactly what he’s doing now by reaching out to Kara in her comatose state.

It seems Kara is locked inside her own head, believing that she’s just living at home in her ridiculously huge loft but then soon realizes that Brainy isn’t actually there with her but instead just a manifestation in her mind. Brainy tries to help her figure out a way to break free of the coma, which requires her to walk through her own front door, but she can’t seem to find a way to get it open.

Kara is finally removed from the sleep chamber because her body is completely healed but she’s still not waking up no matter how much help Brainy attempts to offer. Sadly, the world needs Supergirl more than ever right now with a new and more powerful villain on the attack.

Sins and the Sinners

Following her win over Supergirl two days ago, Reign has returned to domesticity as mom of the year Samantha Arias but she soon receives a message that it’s time to wreak havoc on National City. It seems her goal is to dish out justice to all evil doers but she also takes out the people who see bad things being done and do nothing about it.

Reign takes out an armored car robber and then busts into Cat Co. where she delivers a chilling message that she’s there to help the city — by rooting out sinners by any means necessary.

With Supergirl out of commission, J’onn and Alex are determined to figure out a way to bring Reign down but they can’t depend on the Legion for any more help. Mon-El explains that his team can’t get involved because of how much it could alter the future. He can offer some assistance by explaining that Supergirl does stay alive through this ordeal but that’s all the information he can divulge.

It seems at some point in the future, Earth becomes the target of an alien group that moves from planet to planet, soaking up all the natural resources and essentially leaving what’s left behind as a wasteland. In other words the plot of ‘Independence Day’. Mon-El explains that the Legion has found a way to stop them and they’ve hidden the key inside their own DNA to ensure that it can’t be stolen but if any of them die in the past, then the aliens will conquer in the future.

J’onn accepts that as reason enough to go at it alone as he arms up the DEO with specialized weapons that were originally created to bring down Superman if he ever went rogue. They even drum up a little bit of Kryptonite thanks to Thomas Coville, who had harvested some of the mineral from a Kryptonian probe he found.

Unfortunately the DEO’s attempt to lure Reign into a trap backfires as she’s able to fight back from the weapons used against her including a chain containing a chunk of Kryptonite. Reign even snaps Alex’s leg in two before making her escape.

With time running out and Supergirl still out of commission, Mon-El, Imra and Brainy finally decide to join the fray when Reign launches her next attack at the National City prison where she plans to execute both criminals and guards as sinners.

Super Friends to the Rescue

The Legion are doing their best to battle back against Reign, but she’s still far too powerful for them. They are slowing her down enough that Mon-El believes he can get close to her and inject her with a syringe filled with concentrated Kryptonite that should bring her down. Sadly his attempt fails and it’s only thanks to Imra’s telekinesis ability that he’s able to stave off her icy attack when she stops Reign’s cold breath from freezing him solid.

Meanwhile back at the DEO, Kara finally discovers the key to unlock the door to return from her coma. It seems Kara needed to find her humanity again — something she had given away in recent weeks after first thinking that Mon-El was dead and then discovering that he was alive and married to another woman. Kara had largely attempted to put her humanity in a box somewhere and focus on being only Supergirl but the reality was she wanted to be Kara Danvers and Supergirl was still her alter ego.

Once Kara figured that out, she was able to unlock the door and awaken from her coma. She immediately found out from Alex what was happening with Reign and she rushed back into the battle against her greatest foe.

Supergirl’s appearance was shocking even to Reign, who was still getting the upper hand on the girl of steel….at first anyways. Supergirl finally fought back and managed to stab Reign in the neck with the concentrated Kryptonite, which slowed her down enough that she was forced to fly away in retreat.

The day had been saved and Supergirl was back rescuing National City.

Back at the DEO, Kara shares a moment with Mon-El, who admits to still caring about her and how that will never change. Kara seems to have accepted her ex’s moving onto a new wife in the future as she’s finally figured out a balance between her humanity and her super persona.

In the one aside this week, James and Lena continue their new relationship after a bit of a stutter step following the first kiss. Lena feels guilty considering James is Kara’s ex and that’s her best friend. She goes to Kara to explain after James tells her that she’s home sick with the flu — to obviously cover that she’s actually in a coma — and that requires J’onn to shape shift into Kara to convince her friend that she’s just fallen ill and that it’s OK to pursue a relationship with James.

Finally, it seems this won’t be the last fight Supergirl will have against Reign after she returned to her own Fortress of Solitude and found out from her hologram care taker that she’s not alone in this battle. It seems Reign has allies that can help her purge Earth of all the evil doers. The first person there to offer assistance is none other than Thomas Coville, who believes that Reign is the harbinger of the apocalypse that he talked about when first creating his cult to follow Supergirl. Now he’s going to help Reign build her army to finish the fight.

Judging by the trailer for next week’s episode, Supergirl will be facing off with some familiar foes as it appears Reign’s assistance will come from the prisoners of Fort Rozz.

‘Supergirl’ returns next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW

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