‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Midvale’: Sister to Sister

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara and Alex travel home and then flashback in time to what finally brought them together as sisters…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ really was a week off for the majority of the cast and even Melissa Benoist and Chyler Leigh didn’t have to do a lot of heavy lifting as most of the hour was filled with a flashback to the two girls growing up together in their hometown of Midvale.

The self contained episode told the story how Kara and Alex Danvers went from warring siblings to best friends as sisters as they turned to each other to help solve a murder of a fellow friend from school.

Of course the best parts of the episode were Erica Durance making an appearance as an FBI agent — it was really J’onn J’onzz morphed to look like Kara’s mother to give her some advice — and an homage to ‘Smallville’ when Kara reached out to Clark’s friend Chloe for some help cracking a computer to look for some evidence.

The only downside of the episode was mentioning Chloe from “Smallville” made me wish more than ever that ‘Supergirl’ had somehow found a way to get Tom Welling to play Superman, even if it was only for a couple of appearances.

With that said, let’s give a brief recap of this week’s episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Midvale’…


Following Alex’s breakup with Maggie, Kara insists on taking her sister home to visit with their mother Eliza to try and recover from the heartbreak she’s feeling but the first night turns into a fight after a few too many drinks.

Alex lashes out at Kara for trying to get her to talk about her feelings after she shut down for months after Mon-El left Earth. The two go to bed angry at each other and that’s when the scene flashes back to 10 years earlier when the girls were both in high school and not getting along together at all.

Back then, Kara was the adopted daughter from Krypton and Alex was forced to keep her secret. Alex was also angry because Kara’s arrival also soon marked the exit of her father Jeremiah, so she was holding a major grudge against her adoptive sister.

At school, Alex hung out with the popular kids while Kara was resigned to a table by herself with only one friend willing to sit with her, a kid named Kenny who was the other outcast in the school

But Kenny was also the keeper of secrets because he had a telescope that he used to look at the sky but also to catch some of Midvale’s elite in compromising positions. Sadly, Kenny seeing too much and then creating a computer program that captured the images caught on his telescope led to someone killing him to cover up what he knew.

Kara is determined to capture Kenny’s killer and for the first time ever she ends up teaming together with Alex to find the person responsible.

At first they believe it’s the jock high school quarterback who used to pick on Kenny but he has an air tight alibi. The second suspects are Alex’s best friend at school Josie and her science teacher boyfriend who are carrying on an illicit and illegal affair. Alex turns them in thinking the science teacher is the one who killed Kenny to cover up the fact that he was sleeping with a student, but that also proves to be false.

Finally with some help from Chloe Sullivan — Clark Kent’s friend from Smallville — she’s able to download all of the photo files captured on Kenny’s laptop.

That’s when Kara discovers who was really behind his murder — the local lawman Sheriff Collins, who was caught selling drugs out of the back of his police cruiser. Unfortunately, Sheriff Collins caught wind of the teen investigation and found out that Kara and Alex had Kenny’s laptop, which meant they might have the evidence against him.

Sheriff Collins threatens Alex but Kara uses her powers — after promising her adoptive mother and an FBI agent that suspiciously looked like her mother that she wouldn’t. Kara leaps into action, knocks out Sheriff Collins and saves her sister’s life.

The Danvers sisters helped solve the crime and as a reward Kenny’s parents give them the telescope that he owned as a thank you for giving them the peace after their son’s murder.

Sister to Sister

After solving the crime together, Kara and Alex finally came to an understanding and a bond that will never be broken.

Fast forward to the present and Alex and Kara once again fight through the pain to find their way back to each other after both suffering through some serious heartbreak. The trip home was just what the doctor ordered — even though all they really did was drink too much, fall asleep and then wake up the next morning and make up again.

Regardless, Alex is ready to push forward with her life and Kara is going to do the same now that she’s accepted that Mon-El is gone and never coming back again.

Not so fast.

As the preview for next week’s episode reveals, Mon-El has returned to Earth after a trip to outer space but there’s something suspicious about him coming back but Kara wants to believe more than anything that the love of her life is home again.

‘Supergirl’ returns with a brand new episode next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW

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