‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Resist’: Rise Up

In in the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara and the rest of the team face off with the invading army from Daxam…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The alien invaders from Daxam have arrived on Earth but if Queen Rhea wants to take over she’s going to have go through an army of opposition.

The latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ showcases the battle as Supergirl gears up her troops including the DEO, the Guardian and even a surprise appearance from Cat Grant, who has returned to the show for the final two episodes, as they try to stave off the invasion.

The mission to stop the Daxamites even brings Lillian Luthor back into the picture because she’s got a vested interest in stopping Queen Rhea from taking over the planet. Not only is this what she was warning everybody about for years while leading Project Cadmus, but her daughter Lena has been taken captive and now sits aboard the lead ship in the invasion.

Plus this week marks the return of Lynda Carter as President Olivia Marsdin, who goes head to head with Queen Rhea while a secret of her own is exposed in the process.

And of course there’s a surprise ending that sets the tables for an epic showdown next week in the season finale pitting Supergirl against Superman!

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Resist’…

Cross Pollination

The invading Daxam forces have landed in National City and they are laying waste to anyone daring to stand up to them and that includes the police force and the DEO. In fact, the Daxam army quickly overruns anybody opposing them before breaking into the DEO and running the entire team out of the building.

As Supergirl returns home from the conflict at the portal, she has to rescue Alex from the invasion at the DEO before the entire team converges on the alien bar where they attempt to come up with a plan to fight back.

Sadly options seem limited until the President of the United States, Olivia Marsdin, comes flying towards National City in Air Force One while demanding Rhea lay down her arms and surrender before things get any uglier. Rather than acquiescing to the president’s demands, Rhea pushes back that much more.

It forces Cat Grant to let her presence be felt as she implores the two powerful women to sit down to reach a peace agreement rather than all out war. Once again, Rhea declines before firing a series of shots at Air Force One that takes out all the surrounding fighter jets before clipping one of the wings off the President’s plane.

As Air Force One is torn apart, Cat Grant is pulled out of the plane but thankfully Supergirl is there to save the day. Unfortunately the rest of the plane goes down in pieces with only one survivor walking away from the deadly crash — it’s Olivia Marsdin and she’s finally revealed as an alien.

Back at the alien bar, President Marsdin explains that she comes from a planet that was invaded and taken over when she was a child before he family fled for Earth. She grew up on this planet and she’s very protective over Earth, which is why she’s not willing to compromise in any way, shape or form with the Daxam invaders. She also asks that Supergirl and the other members of the DEO keep her secret and they happily agree.

Meanwhile on the alien ship, Queen Rhea reveals the next stage of her plans, which involves a union between Daxam and humanity with a marriage involving her son Mon-El and Lena Luthor. Thanks to Daxamite technology that allows them to splice together DNA to make a child, Rhea has already harvested samples from both her son and Lena, which means they will have a baby together whether they want to or not.

As much as Mon-El and Lena refuse to play the game, when Rhea threatens to blow up a children’s hospital and they are forced to cater to her demands.

The Enemy of My Enemy

As time begins ticking down until Queen Rhea becomes the monarch over all of Earth, Supergirl and the rest of the DEO need to come up with a plan to fight back.

While the strategizing session begins, a strange bedfellow arises when Lillian Luthor appears and offers to help bring down the Daxamite invaders. Of course, Lillian despises all things alien just like her son and she feels this invasion has finally justified her blanket hatred for anyone that wasn’t born on Earth. The help Lillian offers is an exchange of technology and information because apparently she knows how to get through the shields and land safely on the lead Daxamite ship.

The team turns her down but Lillian passes off a phone to Kara and warns her that they’ll eventually need to join forces if they want Mon-El and Lena back safe and sound.

As the battle rages on, President Marsdin instructs Alex to assemble a team to take back the DEO because on the roof of that building is a photon cannon that will blast the Daxamite shp and turn it into ash. Of course she doesn’t seem all that concerned with Mon-El or Lena because the greater good is eliminating the alien threat.

That forces Kara to take to drastic measures to save Mon-El.

She agrees to team up with Lillian Luthor and her CADMUS team including Hank Henshaw if it means she’ll be able to save Mon-El and Lena. Alex enlists Maggie to help her take back the DEO while Winn teams up with Cat Grant to distract Rhea while Supergirl and the others board her ship.

Rise Up

It turns out, Hank Henshaw discovered a tool at the Fortress of Solitude when he was there previously that the Kryptonians used to zap prisoners from the Phantom Zone into Fort Rozz. He’s able to reconfigure the technology to teleport them onto Rhea’s ship without being detected.

As they head off to save Lena and Mon-El, Alex takes back control of the DEO and prepares to cannon to fire at the ship while stalling as best as possible so she can give Kara time to save Mon-El and Lena before the weapon destroys them all.

And finally, Cat Grant gives an empowering speech to the citizens of National City, urging them to rise up against their invaders. As the people begin fighting back, Queen Rhea is distracted while trying to stamp down the uprising and she doesn’t even know that her ship has been boarded by Supergirl, Lillian and Hank Henshaw.

While searching for Mon-El and Lena, Supergirl wonders why Lillian has never told her daughter about her true identity. Lillian tells her that she wants Lena to find out on her own because that will drive her daughter to hate Supergirl just as much as she does for lying to her. The same thing happened on “Smallville” between Lex and Clark, which makes me wonder if Kara might come clean to Lena in the season finale to stop that conflict before it starts.

As for the rescue plans, Supergirl, Lillian and Hank Henshaw find Mon-El and Lena after their wedding was interrupted by the uprising in National City. That’s when Lillian finally double crosses Supergirl — as expected — and zaps her team back to Earth while leaving the Kryptonian and the Daxamite prince on the ship.

Thankfully, Supergirl anticipated that move and she had Winn place a bug on Henshaw that she activated, which allowed them to take over the cyborg’s controls. Supergirl readies the transport but tells Mon-El that he’s going alone. She’s going to stay behind to try and convince his mother that the battle is lost and she needs to surrender rather than die as Alex prepares to fire the cannon at her ship.

Back on Earth, Cat and Winn are nearly captured by the Daxam forces if not for the Guardian intervening to save them both. The best part is Cat immediately knowing that James is actually the Guardian just by seeing his eyes in the slit of his mask — yet she still hasn’t figured out that Kara is actually Supergirl.

And finally, Supergirl confronts Rhea to tell her the war is over and she needs to give up or her ship will be blown out of the sky. A moment later, a laser destroys the cannon at the DEO and Supergirl is knocked down as Rhea’s secret weapon is revealed.

Superman is being controlled by the Daxamites and now if Supergirl wants to save the world, she’s going to have go through her cousin to do it!

The ‘Supergirl’ season finale airs next Monday night at 8pm ET on the CW.

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