‘Supergirl’ Recap ‘Wake Up’: Days of Future Past

In the ‘Supergirl’ recap, Kara is reunited with Mon-El but he’s got a shocking secret and Samantha finally discovers where she comes from…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

It was only a matter of time before Mon-El eventually made his way back to Earth to reunite with Kara but no one expected his return to be quite this surprising.

In the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’, Mon-Ell returns but he’s not the same guy as when he left Earth to escape an atmosphere filled with lead that would choke and poison his Daxamite body.

Unfortunately, Mon-El doesn’t seem all that enthusiastic to reconnect with Kara despite her overwhelming elation that he’s back after being gone for the past seven months.

Meanwhile, a season spent on Samantha Arias’ slow transformation into an alien World Kilelr finally came to fruition this week as she finally became Reign, even if it wasn’t her choice. Reign has been teased as the big bad for ‘Supergirl’ season 3 and now she’s ready to take her place as the ultimate opposition for the girl of steel.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘Supergirl’ titled ‘Wake Up’…

He’s Back

Kara Danvers has been living a waking nightmare for the past seven months since she watched the love of her life rocket off into space with no hope of ever seeing each other again. Mon-El was willing to sacrifice himself and his relationship to Kara to ensure that Earth would be saved from the invading Daxamite forces.

While Kara has lived in mourning for months with Mon-El gone, she’s started to regain her focus with work keeping her plenty busy. The latest case involves an alien ship that was discovered beneath the National City Harbor — the same ship that was accidentally uncovered when Morgan Edge was blasting away with torpedoes in the season debut.

An exploratory vessel was sent to uncover how much damage was done to the shore line when the ship somehow turned itself on, complete with a defense mechanism. The exploratory vessel was tossed back into the ocean but the crew survived and now it’s up to the DEO to figure out how that ship got there in the first place after Winn discovers that it’s been covered up by 12,000 year old rocks.

To matters even more mysterious, Winn says the metal that makes up the ship is something not found on the periodic table.

Supergirl, J’onn and Winn all decided to take a trip down to the ship to find out what’s going on and thanks to a handy trick from the Martian Manhunter, they all phase down like a scene out of ‘Star Trek’ before taking a look around. They discover several life pods that are filled with a strange liquid and bodies inside but there’s a problem — one of the pods is missing.

A moment later, laser blasts ring out as Supergirl, J’onn and Winn prepare to defend themselves when out from the shadows steps Mon-El. He’s alive and well and shocked to set his sights on Kara Danvers after all this time. She runs up to embrace him, happy that the man she loves is finally back home.

Back at the DEO, Winn and the team run tests on Mon-El, who seems distant at best when Kara tries to reconnect with him. She gives him time to rest, but Mon-El quickly waits until everyone leaves the room so he can make a run for the DEO armory, where he knocks out two guards and then locates the piece of equipment he’s trying to find. Unfortunately, Mon-El failed to notice Supergirl standing behind him and she quickly knocks him unconscious.

When Mon-El finally wakes up, he’s locked in a DEO cell but doesn’t offer up any answers about what he’s doing. Kara is clearly heartbroken that the man she loves is not only acting distant but seemingly is a different person from the one she lost seven months ago.

Winn attempts to chip away at Mon-El and that’s when he the prince of Daxam finally reveals that there’s something he needs to do back on the alien ship or risk that it will seriously hurt a lot of people — including Kara.

When Supergirl returns to check on Mon-El, she finds his cell door open and he’s now missing. Obviously Winn listened to whatever he had to say and they are on their way back to that alien ship.

World Killer

As the days have passed since that rally where a woman wielding a gun took shots at Lena Luthor and Samantha discovered that she was shot yet unharmed by the bullet, she’s been trying to figure out what exactly is happening to her.

Suddenly, Samantha can no longer be harmed and she’s having strange dreams about being covered in some odd, alien scripture with some sort of religious cult holding a séance over her.

After sticking her hand a pot of boiling water and feeling no pain, Samantha decides it’s finally time to ask for some answers so she visits her adopted mother, who kicked her out of the house when she got pregnant with her daughter Ruby. Samantha’s mother finally comes clean that she didn’t adopt her daughter but rather found her in an alien ship that doesn’t look at that different from the ones Supergirl and Superman used to fled Krypton before landing on Earth.

A crystal emerges from the ship, much like the ones we’ve seen Superman use in the past, and Samantha takes it to look for answers. She uses the crystal like a GPS system to lead her to a desolate place in the desert and when she approaches, giant shards of rock come shooting out of the Earth.

The end result is a Fortress of Sanctuary — much like Superman’s Fortress of Solitude — except instead of being built of ice, this one is built from rock and stone.

When Samantha goes inside she’s greeted by a hologram that informs her of her true birthright.

Samantha is a World Killer — the perfect coalition of parts built on Krypton, put together over time to create the ultimate weapon to execute justice but there are those who will hate her for what she must do. At first, Samantha thinks she will become a hero like Supergirl but this hologram makes it clear that she’s out to destroy worlds, not save them. Samantha tries to refuse her birthright but now the choice is out of her hands.

Samantha doubles over in pain as she completes her transformation into ‘Reign’. Now justice will be served on the planet Earth and Supergirl may be the only person strong enough to stop her.

A Place to Call Home

In the other side story this week, J’onn J’onzz spends some time with his father, who is still behaving like he’s being held captive because he’s virtually only seen the inside of the DEO since first arriving on Earth.

J’onn attempts to show him around National City but he’s so distracted by his work that he can’t even spend quality time with his father, who he hasn’t seen in 300 years.

Finally, J’onn concedes that since arriving on Earth, he’s distracted himself with work so he’d never have to face the atrocities that occurred on his home planet much less build a life of his own outside of what he does for the DEO on a daily basis. In the end, J’onn purchases an apartment where he will now live with his father so they can both get a taste of freedom away from the DEO.

Days of Future Past

After discovering the Mon-El was gone, Supergirl quickly flies back to the ship trapped underwater and that’s where she finds her wayward boyfriend and Winn hard at work. Winn explains that he wasn’t kidnapped but instead offered to help Mon-El with something on the ship. Still, Kara can’t understand Mon-El’s bizarre behavior and that’s when he finally comes clean with the truth.

While he’s been gone for only seven months in Kara’s mind, Mon-El has actually been living in the future for the past seven years.

It seems Mon-El’s ship hit a wormhole after leaving Earth and he was transported to the 30th Century where he was cured of his lead poisoning by new technology created by L-Corp and he started a new life. Mon-El doesn’t get the chance to explain why he came back but he knows he has to save the people stuck in those pods because the energy on the ship is failing and someone he cares about is going to die.

Thankfully, Kara punches through the protective glass to release the liquid that is drowning the person inside and Mon-El quickly rushes to the side of the girl who emerges from the pod.

They all return to the DEO where the girl from the pod is monitored and restored to full health while Kara and Mon-El finally have a heart to heart.

Mon-El is still wearing the necklace he got from Kara before leaving Earth so of course she believes that their love is strong enough to survive anything — even seven years apart. Sadly, Mon-El was convinced that he would never see Kara again and at some point he moved on with his life.

That’s when the girl from the pod wakes up and finds Mon-El — her name is Imra Ardeen and she’s his wife. Savvy comic book readers will recognize that name because Imra Ardeen is Saturn Girl, one of the founding members of the Legion of Superheroes.

‘Supergirl’ returns next week with the first part of the four episode crossover for ‘Crisis on Earth-X

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