‘Supergirl’ Vet Floriana Lima Cast in ‘The Punisher’ Season 2

‘Supergirl’ favorite Floriana Lima is moving from National City to New York with a role in ‘The Punisher’ for season 2…

Floriana Lima — best known for her popular role on ‘Supergirl’ — has booked a role on ‘The Punisher’ season 2 where she will star alongside Jon Bernthal on the Marvel series for Netflix.

Lima will portray Krista Dumont, who is described as “a compassionate and driven psychotherapist for military veterans.”

Of course, Lima had a very popular role on ‘Supergirl’ during season 2 of the show on the CW but she ultimately decided to split with the series and was written off during season 3. Now she will move over to ‘The Punisher’ with production on season 2 expected to pick up later this year.

In addition to Lima’s casting, ‘The Punisher’ season 2 has also added Josh Steward (Shooter) as John Pilgrim “a man who left behind a life of violence but is forced by circumstances to revisit his old skills and enter Frank Castle’s world” as well as adding Giorgia Whigham (Scream) who plays Amy Bendix, “a street-smart grifter with a mysterious past.”

There’s no debut date for ‘The Punisher’ season 2 but the series won’t likely drop until 2019 with ‘Jessica Jones’ season 2 just set to debut in March with ‘Daredevil’ season 3 and ‘Luke Cage’ season 3 already in production.

H/T: Deadline

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