The Bets Are On: 7 Popular Fan Theories About Our Favorite TV Shows

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Warning: spoilers ahead!

This year two iconic TV shows are coming to an end, while a third one will resurrect at least for a full feature movie.

Of course, we’re talking about The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and Breaking Bad.

These shows have made such an impact on pop-culture that bookmakers are even accepting bets on popular fan theories, something that’s becoming a trend across the US.

Betting on things other than sports, like the Oscars and movies, is popular in other parts of the world like Europe where gambling laws are more liberal.

This year New Jersey became the first state to allow betting on the Academy Awards, however, the state commission that gave the thumbs-up only issued a one-time approval so it’s unclear what’ll happen next year.

Currently, Americans have limited possibilities to bet on movies or sports compared to Europeans, though last year’s Supreme Court decision on PASPA has led over a dozen states to consider introducing legislation that will permit live casino pages and online betting.

Now, without further ado, here are some of the most popular fan theories about these popular shows.

The Walking Dead Universe is a Dream

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After eight seasons we know almost nothing about what started the zombie virus other than that supposedly the whole world is infected.

While the episodes have revealed little on the topic, a popular fan theory that has been living alongside the show is that everything is a dream, playing out in Rick Grimes’ head as he lays in a coma.

The theory has been so popular that Walking Dead’s creator Robert Kirkman himself talked about it saying last year there’s “zero chance” this is the case.

While this answer doesn’t give away anything about the origin of the Walking Dead’s events, many fans and even cast members of Fear the Walking Dead have said it’d be disappointing if the whole story was Rick’s dream.

Breaking Bad and the Walking Dead are Connected

This theory all started with a red Dodge Challenger that Glenn and Rick Grimes rode in during the first season of the show resembling the one that Walter White bought for his son before his wife made him take it back to a car dealer named Glenn.

Other moments that fuel the theory that Walking Dead and Breaking Bad share a common universe is an alleged reference to Breaking Bad’s Jesse Pinkman by Walking Dead’s Darryl.

The appearance of a Breaking Bad song during Fear the Walking Dead’s third season further led fans to deem the theory very plausible, not the least because FWD’s co-creator Dave Erikson confirmed the scene was a nod to the Bryan Cranston-starring show.

Walter White is Alive

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Breaking Bad fans rejoiced after learning that a full-featured sequel to be released on Netflix and AMC is in the works, six years after one of the most popular TV shows ended.

At the last scene of Breaking Bad, we saw that Walter White, or rather Heisenberg, was hit by a bullet with the authorities closing in on him.

The episode didn’t exactly confirm that White is dead, but this has been the popular assumption.

Of course, many fans of the show believe that this is not the end of White/Heisenberg and are hoping to be proven right in the upcoming movie.

Last year Brian Cranston claimed that he has not received a script, suggesting that his character might not be featured in the movie.

Cersei Lannister Will be Killed

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Most GoT fans are not doubting that Cersei Lannister’s life is coming to an end this final season, however, they vary in their predictions as to who will do the deed.

It’s not like there aren’t more than enough candidates.

King Robert Baratheon’s widow has earned herself quite the army of enemies including her brother Jamie who viewers saw growing discontented with his sister’s rule.

One theory suggests that Jamie himself will slay the Queen.

Others predict that “Cersei” will be another name crossed off from Arya’s hit list.

Of course, the King to the North Jon Snow also has stuff to settle with the iron-fisted queen.

Bran is the Night King

Speaking of Starks, fans allege that the Night King is actually Bran Stark.

His character has been surrounded by mystery for much of the series, and fans believe that the first White Walker was actually a Stark.

Given how the series has been unfolding in the past, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see such a plot twist, though there are suggestions that the Night King is actually going after Bran.

Vladimir Furdik who plays the White Walker’s king said in an interview that his character “has a target he wants to kill,” leading some to question if he was after Jon Snow why hasn’t he ended him yet?

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