Top 10 Moments from ‘Billions’ Season 4 Episode 2 ‘Arousal Template’

Here are the top 10 moments from the latest episode of ‘Billions’ titled ‘Arousal Template’…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Plenty of deals are being made already during ‘Billions’ season 4 as Chuck looks to become a power broker before setting himself up for a run at state attorney general.

Meanwhile, Axe is looking for vengeance against Taylor while simultaneously getting involved in a new relationship with a promising business partner.

With that said, let’s take a look at the top 10 moments from the latest episode of ‘Billions’ titled ‘Arousal Template’…

1 ) The Heat Around the Corner

Axe burns a ton of cash cozying up to the banks around town to ensure Taylor doesn’t get any capital to help get her company off the ground to start making significant investments.

While Axe can obviously afford to spend a little money, Wendy can’t help but notice that he’s losing sight of his priorities just like Robert DeNiro in the movie ‘Heat’.

“If you burn cash and have down quarters just to hurt Taylor, you’re Neal McCauley throwing it all away to kill Waingro in that motel. I can’t stand by and let that happen.”

Axe insists this isn’t just about vengeance but instead he’s getting Axe Capital into private equity — once his team finds the right idea for him to invest in.

2 ) Champing at the Bit

Chuck begins exploring a run at New York State Attorney General as he watches the other candidate he will be facing at the voting booth.

Unfortunately, Chuck’s Yale education won’t allow him a grammatical error when speaking to his audience and his best friend and attorney Ira warns him that if he’s going to flaunt that kind of arrogance, they might as well pack up the campaign right now.

“We can go home now. Voters don’t want William Safire. They want an attorney general who talks like he’s actually from New York.”

To help him get into the race, Chuck turns to his new pal police commissioner Richie Sansome for his endorsement but first he needs a favor. Richie wants Chuck to look into the police pension fund — the one that was previously run by Axe Capital.

3 ) Chewing

To begin digging into the police pension fund, Chuck calls a meeting with Michael Panay, a once floundering hedge fund manager who had his business revived thanks to serving as a shadow broker between his firm and the real power broker handling the money — Bobby Axelrod.

Chuck enjoys his lunch — tossing half a roast beef sandwich away and then munching on the other half — as he lays out his suspicions about Panay’s suddenly flush hedge fund.

“Time’s a fickle beast. Why a year ago, I had legions at my command while your fund was deflating like a Tijuana breast implant. Well I wouldn’t be surprised if you were Googling how to tie a noose.”

4 ) “Wonder” by Natalie Merchant

At Bonnie’s birthday party where everybody is playing their favorite vinyl, Ben Kim is all too happy to proclaim his favorite song choice as he passes by Wendy at the party.

“This one’s mine!”

5 ) COAT

Mick Danzig is enjoying the party but he’s also curious if he’s going to get some action at home with the wife so he sends her a text saying “COAT?”

It stands for ‘chance of action tonight’ — go ahead and add that one to your vocabulary.

That leads to a bigger conversation about sex amongst the Axe Cap employees including a lot of curious onlookers when Wendy is asked about her bedroom habits at home.

“Action whenever either of us fucking wants it”

A big part of the dynamic between Chuck and Wendy on this show has been how each of them controls so much in their everyday lives but then the roles change when the bedroom door closes.

Chuck is a submissive and he only seems to get turned on when Wendy is dominating him. In fact, Chuck’s proclivity for whips and chains got him busted by his father and Jack Foley a season ago as they did background research on him for a potential run at the govenor’s mansion.

Sadly when Wendy tries to live by that expression, Chuck quickly reverses the roles again and asks for her to dominate him when she just wanted to get railed.

By the end of the episode, Wendy is out pounding the pavement with a late night run to work out the sexual frustration she’s feeling from not getting the kind of action she wants at home.

6 ) “The Heart is a Muscle” by Gang of Youths

Australian band Gang of Youths provides much of the soundtrack for this episode, especially after Axe makes a business relationship with billionaire Rebecca Cantu by investing in one of her companies.

They then turn that relationship a little more personal by taking their dinner date back to Axe’s penthouse.

7 ) Atta Boy!

Ben Kim celebrates with Axe after their plan to take down a cleaning company results in Rebecca Cantu’s rival company gaining a huge surge in business — and thus making Axe’s initial investment with her double overnight.

Ben’s employee Tuck went above and beyond infiltrating the company to get the evidence to help shut them down and Axe suggests a nice gesture for a job well done.

Axe: “Go give him an ‘atta boy’, Ben
Ben: “It took me three years with you to earn an ‘atta boy’.
Axe: “So fuck the ‘atta boy’. Did his job, got paid, move on. Your guy, your call”
Ben: “I think I’ll give him an ‘atta boy’

8 ) Professional Stretcher

Apparently the wealthy financial types in New York will actually hire a person who comes in just to stretch them. Bobby Axelrod enjoys a nice afternoon stretch and then Chuck takes his lead with the same luxury during a heated encounter with new U.S. District Attorney Bryan Connerty, who comes to warn him not to run for office again.

Chuck promises to roll over Connerty like it’s Tiananmen Square — and that is one war that will surely wage all season long.

9 ) The Kid Rock

Taylor takes a great chance spurning an investor sent to them by Grigor to help solve them money problems but thankfully Axe plays right into their hand by forcing one of his banks to call back a loan to the Russian gangsters, which mean they can now longer invest in Taylor Mason Capital.

Taylor then suggests that Grigor seize the opportunity to buy the Russian gangster’s businesses for pennies on the dollar while they are hurting for cash and in return he will use his leverage to get the banks to loan the fund the money needed.

They then quote Kid Rock to prove a point — Grigor can influence the fund but he won’t put his boot down on their throat to get complete control.

“Like the once great American Bob Ritchie said — ‘you can knock me down and watch me bleed but you can’t keep no chains on me’”

10 ) Angry Chewing

Chuck announces his candidacy for state attorney general and Bryan Connerty takes it out on the sandwich he’s eating at the San Gennaro festival.

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