‘The Boys’ Are Wanted Men in the First Official Trailer for Season 2 (VIDEO)

“The Boys” are on the run as wanted men in the first official teaser trailer for season 2 ahead of the debut on Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime…
“Ain’t you twats lucky that I showed up”

Billy Butcher always has a way with words and that certainly sets the stage for a violent, bloody and explosive second season of “The Boys,” which debuts with the first three episodes on Amazon Prime on September 4.

Ahead of the debut, the first teaser trailer for the season ahead dropped on Wednesday with a deeper look at what to expect from Butcher, Mother’s Milk, Frenchie, the Female and Hughie after they were exposed for hunting the supes.

After killing Translucent and attempting to bring down Vought International, the Boys had the tables turned on them after Homelander was able to expose their plot when he discovered the group’s identity. Just when it looked like the U.S. government was going to team up with Butcher and the Boys to stop the supes from taking a deeper role in national security, a group of super-powered terrorists emerged in the Middle East.

Little did they know at the time but Homelander had personally provided Compound-V — the secret sauce that gives humans super powers — to the terrorists, but his plan worked because now the government has no choice but to turn to Vought International and the supes to save the day. That also leaves Butcher and the Boys out in the cold where they’ve now been framed as the most wanted fugitives in the world.

The first teaser trailer offers a lot of ideas about what’s going to unfold this season as the Boys continue to seek vengeance against the supes while also attempting to clear their names. It’s all set to the sounds of the classic Billy Joel track “We Didn’t Start the Fire” so enjoy that while checking out the new trailer for “The Boys” season 2.

Also check out the new poster for “The Boys” season 2 below and get ready for the show to return on Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime.

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