‘The Boys’ Season 2 Debuts in September, First 3 Minutes of Debut Episode Revealed (VIDEO)

“The Boys” season 2 will arrive on Amazon Prime in September and during a special streaming event, the first 3 minutes of the debut episode were revealed…

“The Boys” are f**king back.

The gory, hilarious and jaw-dropping series from Amazon Prime based on the comic book of the same name will finally return for season 2 on September 4. The first three episodes from season 2 will debut on Sept. 4 with the remaining five episodes airing each Friday until the season finale on October 9.

“We cannot WAIT to show you season two,” showrunner Eric Kripke said. “It’s crazier, stranger, more intense, more emotional. In fact, it’s too much — so the Surgeon General has insisted we air the first three episodes on September 4, then air the remaining five episodes weekly after that.
“We wanted to give you time to freak out, digest, discuss, come down from the high, before we give you another dose. We only have your well-being in mind. Hope you love the season as much as we do.”

When “The Boys” season 1 ended, Homelander discovered that he was a father and Billy Butcher found out that the wife he thought was dead was still very much alive. Meanwhile, Hughie had a final showdown with A-Train but just when it looked like he was going to be the latest sacrifice made to The Seven, the ultra-fast hero suffered a heart attack and Starlight allowed Hughie to make his escape.

“The Boys” season 2 promises to ratchet up the insanity even more when Aya Cash joins the show as Stormfront — the newest member of The Seven — who has been described as even worse than Homelander in some ways.

A special streaming event led by Patton Oswalt took a look back at season 1 and a special preview of what lies ahead in season 2. At the end of the presentation along with the debut date for “The Boys” season 2, Kripke decided to show the first three minutes of the debut episode.

In the clip, Stan Edgar (Giancarlo Esposito) negotiates a Department of Defense contract for Vought Industries while Black Noir goes on a mission in Syria to prove just how valuable the heroes could be in military situations. Needless to say, things get bloody in a hurry.

Check out the clip for “The Boys” season 2 above and get ready for the show to return on Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime. You can also check out the new poster for season 2 below.

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