‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’: It’s the Witching Hour in the First Full Trailer (VIDEO)

Check out the first full length trailer for ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ due out on Netflix on October 26…

‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ — the supernatural cousin to ‘Riverdale’ — will finally debut on Netflix on October 26 and the first full length trailer has been revealed.

Sabrina Spellman is a half witch, half mortal who is about to turn 16 years old, which means she has to decide if she’s going to embrace her supernatural roots or decide to live her life as a regular human being.

Based on the character who originated in Archie Comics, ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ takes a darker twist on this particular tale with the series from the creator behind ‘Riverdale’.

Here’s the show’s description from Netflix:

“Half witch. Half mortal. On her 16th birthday, Sabrina (Kiernan Shipka) has to make a choice between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends. With her aunties (Miranda Otto, Lucy Davis), her cat Salem, and her boyfriend Harvey Kinkle (Ross Lynch), Sabrina will face horrors and new adventures in the mysterious town of Greendale. From the executive producers of Riverdale comes a haunting new tale.”

Check out the first trailer for ‘The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ ahead of the show’s debut on Oct. 26.

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