‘The Flash’ Casts Elongated Man for Season 4

Team Flash will have some help in season 4 as Elongated Man is set to debut on ‘The Flash’….

Central City will have a new hero when ‘The Flash’ season 4 returns on October 10.

Hartley Sawyer — best known for his role in the CBS soap opera ‘The Young and the Restless’ — has been cast as the Elongated Man for ‘The Flash’ season 4.

Ralph Dibny — better known as Elongated Man — is a long time friend and ally to Barry Allen in the comic books. Dibny is a private investigator with detection skills that rival Batman but he’s also a metahuman with the ability to stretch and contort his body into any shape possible.

Sawyer will recur as Ralph Dibny during ‘The Flash’ season 4 as the team returns to a world without Barry Allen after he entered the Speed Force a season ago to stop the destruction of the world.

Of course Barry will return at some point and it looks like he’ll have a new friend to help him battle the evil doers in Central City.

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