‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Blocked’: Team Flash Faces Off with Cicada

In our down and dirty recap of ‘The Flash’, the team faces off with the meta-human of the week and they meet a new villain named Cicada for the first time…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Here at Nerdcore Movement, we are committed to giving our readers what they want most and sometimes that’s a lot and other times that’s a little so we’re going to try something new with a few of our recaps.

While we will stay detail oriented with many of our recaps covering ‘Mayans M.C.’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘American Horror Story’ — some other series we are going to cover with what we call ‘down and dirty’ recaps.

Those ‘down and dirty’ recaps will hit the major story points for every episode, clue you into what happened and what you may have missed and preview what’s coming next.

With that said, let’s start things off with our down and dirty recap of the latest episode of ‘The Flash’ titled ‘Blocked’….

Block Party

The villain of the week on ‘The Flash’ is rather forgettable — she’s a meta-human who can created condensed air around herself or anybody else in the form of a cube that can stop bullets or even shrink down and literally crush a human body down to a small box. She’s introduced after stealing a bunch of weapons from a local arms dealer and she pretty much spends the entire episode in a battle against those folks.

Team Flash figures out in rather quick order how to go up against her but Barry faces some growing pains dealing with his daughter as she’s doing everything possible to impress him. Joe passes along some friendly advice while reminding Barry that he did the exact same thing after his parents died and he went to live with the West family.

Barry remembers that Nora didn’t grow up with him as a father — she only knew the version of the Flash that she saw in his museum so she really wants to impress him after they finally meet. Barry helps Nora understand that she’s still learning and when she helps to stop the new villain called ‘Block’ she gets her confidence back.

How to Mend a Broken Heart

As for Cisco and Caitlin….

Cisco is dealing with the fallout of his breakup with Gypsy and his inability to ‘vibe’ because everything reminds him of her. Meanwhile, Caitlin is doing everything possible to avoid dealing with the fake death certificate belonging to her father after Ralph was able to discover he might not actually be dead.

As for Cisco, he goes through Ralph’s 27-step program to get over an ex but it’s the final one that really sticks with him. If Gypsy was the love of his life, they’d be together right now but since they’re not, she wasn’t the girl for him.

Caitlin finally gives in and allows Cisco to vibe on her father’s death certificate but he gets shut down rather quickly and can’t seem to make a real connection. During the brief flashes, however, Caitlin sees her mother touching the death certificate, which means perhaps she was involved in his exit from their lives?

Enter Cicada

At the very start of the episode, Barry shares with the rest of the team what he learned from Nora — that he goes missing four years from now and never returns. While everybody seems concerned, Iris almost brushes it off because Team Flash has changed the future before and she’s convinced this will be no different.

Iris is also getting back into reporter mode while digging into the death of Gridlock after he was captured and being sent to Iron Heights prison. She finds body cam footage that shows one of the cops hurt in the aftermath of the mysterious attack that left Gridlock dead and she hears a very strange sound during the melee.

Later that night after the team stops Block, she is killed by that same villain, who shows up with a lightning bolt shaped dagger that stabs her in the heart. The villain then throws that dagger into the ground and a strange wave washes over the team and they are left powerless.

The villain makes quick work of Team Flash with a thorough beat down but just as he’s about to stab the Flash through the heart with his dagger, Nora shows up and shouts ‘dad’ — and that leads to the bad guy putting away his weapon and making a getaway.

Later that night, an investigation of the video footage reveals that same strange sound that happened at Gridlock’s murder scene. The sound is just like the one a Cicada would make — thus the new villain has a name. But the mere mention of Cicada puts a shocked look on Nora’s face as she clearly knows this villain from the future but what role does he play in the past?

Did Cicada play some part in the Flash’s disappearance? Next week’s teaser that you can watch below shows Iris mention he’s one of the worst serial killers in history but who exactly is Cicada?

We’ll find out more when ‘The Flash’ returns next Tuesday night at 8pm ET on the CW.

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