‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Girls Night Out’: Hashtag Feminism

In ‘The Flash’ recap, Iris and the girl power side of Team Flash help Caitlin out of a jam with a new villain in town while Barry has an interesting bachelor party…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

The boys took a backseat in the latest episode of ‘The Flash’ as Iris’ plan to celebrate her bachelorette party turned into a full on battle with a new villain in town named Amunet Black (played by ‘Battlestar Galactica’ favorite Katee Sackhoff).

Amunet’s arrival also allows Killer Frost to come out and play as Caitlin continues to struggle with the two halves of her personality — one a mild mannered doctor at STAR Labs and the other an icy bad girl who might just be turning over a new leaf.

With the girls handling the city saving duties this week, the boys are off celebrating Barry’s bachelor party complete with strippers, booze and Joe coming to the harsh realization that he’s going to be a father again in just a matter of months — and this all happens after running into his new stepdaughter in a very unnerving situation.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of ‘The Flash’ titled ‘Girls Night Out’…

Party All the Time

With Barry and Iris’ wedding fast approaching — the Crisis on Earth-X crossover in late November will celebrate the happy couples’ vows — it was time for the bachelor and bachelorette parties. Felicity from Team Arrow came over from Star City to help Iris celebrate her special occasion while Cisco organized the plans for the guys.

While it took some convincing, Iris got Caitlin to join the festivities after looking rather down in the dumps at work that day. Caitlin received an ominous warning from her old boss Amunet Black last week after working for the black market meta-human arms dealer during her six month absence from Team Flash.

At the guy’s party, Cisco has arranged a stirring night filled with fine brandy, cigars and watching old home movies. Well that is until new team member Ralph Dibny shows up — uninvited — and decides that this sausage fest needed to liven up a little bit. So he takes the all out to a strip club where Cisco gives Barry his gift — a vile of super juice that will actually get him drunk.

Drunk Barry is definitely the best part of the episode as he tells everybody that he’s the Flash, weeps over Jack not getting a piece of the door in ‘Titanic’ and sloppily munches down plates of chicken wings.

Unfortunately the night takes a decided turn for the strange when Cecile’s daughter Joanie comes up on stage as “Chastity” before locking eyes with her future stepfather, who is sitting on a coach just a few feet away.

Meanwhile, the girls also have a low key night planned at dinner when they get a visit from a one eyed henchman named Norvok, who is there to collect Caitlin for a debt she owes to Amunet Black. The creepy henchman with a snake’s tongue where his eye should be tries his best to compel Caitlin to comply, but soon enough Killer Frost comes out to play and she dispatches him in quick fashion.

Unfortunately that leaves Iris and the gang to deal with Killer Frost, who has reemerged and taken over for Caitlin once again.

The Weeper

It turns out after Amunet’s original warning last week that Caitlin was getting ready to skip town — or better yet skip to an Earth on a different dimension — to escape her old boss’ grasp and to ensure that she’d avoid another turn into Killer Frost. It seems while Caitlin was trying to find a way to control her transformations, she found out that Amunet possessed some kind of tech that would allow her to stamp down Killer Forst so she could remain in control.

In exchange, Killer Frost would serve as Amunet’s muscle as she conducted business in Central City. Unfortunately, Caitlin welched on her end of the deal and now Amunet is looking for payback.

Iris does her best to convince Killer Frost that there’s still some good inside of her and that running away isn’t the best plan to solve this problem, especially if that means Caitlin is going to leave Team Flash as well. Killer Frost decides to have a meeting with her old boss but she doesn’t want Iris and the other girls to follow — but of course they do anyways.

At the nightclub ran by Amunet, Killer Frost runs into her old boss trying to figure a way out of this debt she owes. Amunet informs Frost that she’s about to conduct some serious business and she needs her icy touch as protection. It seems Amunet captured a new meta-human — one of those created by that bus colliding with Barry’s re-entry dark matter — and his special ability is secreting tears that double as some kind of psychoactive drug.

Amunet has been bottling the drug and selling it in her club but now she has a buyer willing to pay for the source and she needs Killer Frost as back up. It’s just about that time that Iris shows up and tries to talk her way out of the situation but it soon results in a fight where Amunet kicks the crap out of Frost — using her manipulation of metal to make an iron fisted gauntlet where she can fire shrapnel at her enemies — and she’s only able to escape after a pair of cops show up and they get sacrificed like a couple of red shirts on ‘Star Trek’.

Back at STAR Labs as Caitlin patches up her wounds, Iris tries to console her but it’s an ill fated attempt. Caitlin notes how Iris has never really been more than a ‘work friend’ to her and the future Mrs. West-Allen can’t really argue with that statement. Still, Iris wants to help Caitlin, especially after finding out that she’s been haunted by the reappearance of Killer Frost with no one to talk to about it.

Unfortunately making Caitlin feel better will have to wait because Amunet Black is about to make a sale to hand over the Weeper to her highest bidder and Iris along with Felicity and Cecile are determined to stop her. Caitlin bows out, however, as a liability because she might turn back into Killer Frost and jeopardize the whole mission.

Hashtag Feminism

Barry’s bachelor party ends with a massive fight after Dibny steals money from one of the dancers and that was probably a welcome ending after Joe had a long conversation with Joanie about why she decided to become an exotic dancer in the first place.

In jail, Barry finally sobers up and promises that his drinking days are behind him while Joe finally confesses that he’s scared to death to become a father again.

Meanwhile, Iris and Felicity attempt to get the drop on Amunet as she makes the sale to hand over the Weeper to a buyer, but they are captured before a single shot is fired. Thankfully, Caitlin has transformed back into Killer Forst and she showed up just in the nick of time to save her friends.

Frost creates an ice wall to protect them from Amunet’s weapons but her shield will only hold up so long. So they make a call to Cecile out in the STAR Labs fan to turn on the giant magnet inside the metal scrap yard where Amunet is holding the meeting. When the magnet turns on, Amunet’s metal gauntlet is stripped away from her arm piece by piece.

Killer Frost breaks out of her icy shell and she’s just about to kill her old boss when Iris convinces her that this is the perfect opportunity to prove she can be a better person. Strangely, they end up just letting Amunet escape rather than putting her in cuffs and placing her in Iron Heights or at least the pipeline back at STAR Labs, but either way, they saved the day and stopped her human trafficking.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry and Iris share their equally odd nights out before the entire group runs into Killer Frost. Cisco is so not in the mood for this after a night spent in jail. Thankfully this time around, Killer Frost transforms back into Caitlin and she explains what she was up to during her six month absence from the team. It seems this recent encounter has resulted in Caitlin having better control over allowing Killer Frost to emerge before tucking her back away again.

Finally, Joe finishes his day with Cecile where they both admit tackling parenthood at this stage of their lives is rather frightening but at least they’ll be doing it together.

As for the Weeper — he’s set free by Team Flash at the end of his ordeal with Amunet Black but rather than accepting their offer for help, he runs away as fast as possible. He probably should have gone with them because he’s soon captured by ‘The Thinker’ aka Clifford DeVoe, who tells him that he was created for a purpose and he hasn’t fulfilled that yet so there’s still work to do.

‘The Flash’ returns next Tuesday night with a new episode on the CW

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