‘The Flash’ Recap ‘Harry and the Harrisons’: The Enemy of My Enemy

In The Flash recap, Barry turns to an old foe for help in bringing down DeVoe while Harry looks for help from his multi-verse counterparts….

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

With only a few episodes remaining in this season of The Flash, the team is desperate to find a way to stop DeVoe after his ultimate plan was revealed.

In last week’s episode, DeVoe finally unveiled his plans for ‘the enlightenment’, which was his plot to bombard the Earth with so much dark matter than every person’s brain would ‘reset’ as he basically zapped away intelligence as we know it so the world would then be re-molded in his image instead.

Unfortunately, Team Flash was unable to stop DeVoe from gathering all the necessary pieces to build a set of five satellites that would then allow him to enact his plan to rob to world of its intelligence.

With time running out until DeVoe inevitable attacks, Team Flash had to turn to an unlikely ally as a potential weapon to use against him while Harry tried to search for answers for his own intelligence being drained away by asking his counterparts from the multiple other Earths.

Iris also decided to get back to her journalism career by penning an expose on DeVoe and his plans in an attempt to warn people about what was about to unfold much to the chagrin of Barry, who wasn’t so sure informing the crowd was the best idea possible.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of The Flash titled ‘Harry and the Harrisons’…

The Enemy of My Enemy

Following the miscalculation a week ago that allowed DeVoe to gain all the parts necessary to build his satellites that would be used to bombard the world with dark matter, Barry and the rest of Team Flash were looking for alternatives in an attempt to stop him.

Considering all the powers that DeVoe stole away from the other bus meta-humans, it’s not going to be easy to build a weapon to knock down his satellites once they are launched into outer space. DeVoe can manipulate any electronic weapon so the team needs to turn to an organic variety to stop his satellites.

That’s when the idea comes up to turn to former meta-human trafficker Amunet Black, who possesses an ability to manipulate shards of metal and bend them to her will — including the possibility that she could launch a projectile to bring down DeVoe’s weapons and there’s nothing he could do to stop her.

Unfortunately since Barry put an end to her black market ring of selling off meta-humans to the highest bidder and the death of the warden who was originally giving her those meta-humans, Amunet has gone into hiding.

The team discovers that Amunet was originally a flight attendance in a plane going over Central City when the particle accelerator overloaded and blanketed the entire area in dark matter, resulting in numerous meta-humans being produced. It turns out Amunet’s real name is ‘Leslie Jocoy’ and a search of Central City records leads to several other places around the city that she used to work.

Barry and Caitlin try to find out more from Amunet’s former No. 2 in charge Norvock, but he also offers no help. Eventually, the stumble upon a former food market that Amunet used to run except now she’s converted the back room into an illegal gambling operation to fund her criminal enterprise.

While the conversation gets off to a rocky start, Team Flash is able to convince Amunet to help their cause because DeVoe’s plan will destroy her along with everybody else on Earth if he’s able to activate those satellites.

Amunet agrees to help so long as Team Flash helps her find the larger batch of metal shards that she had hidden away in a storage locker that were stolen. Caitlin also works out a side agreement if Amunet will allow her to use a genetic splicer in her possession that she previously activated to help her control Killer Frost after her transformation last season, then she will do one more mission for her former boss.

Caitlin is desperate to unlock Killer Frost again but as of yet none of her experiments have worked.

So the hunt is on to find those metal shards in time so Amunet can help bring down DeVoe before he enacts his evil plan.

Dumb and Dumber

With Harry’s intelligence evaporating more and more with each passing day, he’s beginning to get desperate for help so that his brain doesn’t completely reset. Cisco decides to call upon the ‘Council of Wells’ — the group of brainy Harrison Wells’ from the rest of the multi-verse who helped out earlier this season.

Sadly when one of the members of the council shows up, he informs Harry that he has been booted from the group because he’s no longer intelligent enough to converse with them.

So Cisco decides to form a new group — the council of Harrisons — a separate team of alternate Wells’ that aren’t exactly the most scientific bunch across the multi-verse.

In fact they don’t seem to have a single scientific bone in their combined bodies, but they do manage to help Harry face the emotional reality of what he’s dealing with while losing his intelligence and then remind him to attack DeVoe with the same kind of strategy.

Harry may not be able to out think DeVoe but that doesn’t mean there’s not an emotional component driving ‘The Thinker’ that may allow Team Flash to gain an advantage over him.

Just when Harry is ready to give up, he realizes that the Council of Harrisons were right — the reason why DeVoe hasn’t attacked yet comes down to emotion rather than his planned strategy.

Harry realizes that DeVoe’s one weakness is his wife Marlize and remember she left him last week after his plan to dumb down the world also ended with him in charge. Harry figures out that Marlize must have left DeVoe and now he’s searching for her before unleashing his dark matter bomb on the Earth.

So the key to stopping DeVoe may come down to locating Marlize!

Shards of Truth

The search for Amunet’s missing metal shards eventually leads back to her former employee Norvock, who was actually the person responsible for stealing them and then offering them to the highest bidder.

The team tracks him down just as Norvock is completing the sale so Joe and Caitlin are forced to go after the buyers while Barry and Amunet deal with her former No. 2 in charge.

Norvock gets the upper hand at first by blasting Barry with his snake like venom and then using a weapon that is able to absorb all of Amunet’s remaining shards before she can attack him. Barry is eventually able to phase through the venom while Amunet gains back control of the rest of her shards after Joe and Caitlin stop the buyers from escaping.

Amunet then uses the giant horde of metal shards to contain Norvock in an iron mask so he can’t strike out at anyone else. Team Flash convinces her not to kill him but she still lops off his snake like eye creature as penalty for turning against her.

That’s about as far as Amunet is willing to go with her attempt to turn into a hero because she tells Caitlin that the splicer she had never really helped her control Killer Frost. Instead it seems Amunet used it as a placebo so that Caitlin would learn to control Killer Frost herself and it worked. That means it’s up to Caitlin to figure out a way to tap into Killer Frost again to make her come out and play rather than some scientific experiment that will force her to emerge.

As for Amunet helping to stop DeVoe, she decides that’s no longer in her best interest either but she does manage to do one good deed before leaving. She hands over a shard-grenade made out of the metal that she controls. One blast of this will bring down any satellite or other piece of machinery that DeVoe is using so at least Amunet contributes before flying away in a tornado of her metal shards.

Wisdom of the Crowd

Following Harry’s revelation that the team needs to track down Marlize and Cisco figuring out a way to launch Amunet’s shard-bomb, that only leaves Barry trying to deal with Iris’ renewed interest in journalism.

She’s been gathering all the information on DeVoe so she can do a full expose on him and his plans to bombard the world with dark matter. Iris believes the public has a right to know what might befall them not to mention they may be able to help Team Flash in their investigation.

Barry is unsure of the plan at first but he eventually comes around and tells Iris to publish her piece.

The good news starts rolling in almost immediately when Iris’ article starts getting comments from people all over the city who have spotted DeVoe in different places as he searches for Marlize. Barry now believes that with the city on their side, there’s nowhere for DeVoe to hide once he comes out of his pocket dimension.

That means Team Flash is one step closer to finding DeVoe and then stopping him from enacting ‘the enlightenment’.

The Flash returns with the penultimate episode for season 4 next Tuesday night at 8pm ET on the CW.


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