The Flash Recap ‘Null and Annoyed’: Hello, Darkness My Old Friend

In The Flash recap, Barry tracks down another bus meta-human and Breacher comes to ask Cisco to help him with his dwindling powers…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

Following a month long hiatus, The Flash returned on Tuesday night in the continued hunt to track down the final bus meta-humans that Clifford DeVoe has been gathering for whatever nefarious plans he has for Central City and the world.

With time running out until the final meta-humans are discovered, Barry is beginning to get frustrated that Ralph isn’t taking things more seriously — in other words behaving just like Barry — when his life is one of those on the line.

Meanwhile, Cisco gets a visit from his future father-in-law Breacher, who is suffering from a loss of his vibing powers and he needs help from STAR Labs to get him back up and running again.

As for DeVoe, the depths of his evil are starting to be revealed when his wife finally discovers that he’s been dosing her for weeks with a concoction that keeps her doscile and under his control.

And finally, Harry’s continue search for more brain power to battle DeVoe leads him to a dangerous plan that involves invoking technology brought to this time by none other than Eobard Thawne.

With that said, let’s recap the latest episode of The Flash titled ‘Null and Annoyed’…

Gravitational Pull

The meta-human of the week story was rather dull as we were introduced to Janet Petty aka ‘Null’, who is able to control gravity by just touching an object. She’s the 11th bus meta that Team Flash has been able to find and like most of the rest of them, she’s also fallen into a life of crime since gaining her powers.

Actually, Null was already a petty criminal who previously resided in Iron Heights before she gained her powers and now she’s just a thief on steroids.

Null falls onto Team Flash’s radar after she steals a valuable crown from the local museum — where Jay and Silent Bob are working as security guards — but Barry isn’t happy with the way Ralph is handling himself during these cases because he’s more concerned about cracking jokes and having fun than doing serious detective work.

Barry gets so angry with Ralph that he eventually benches him from the field while he continues to track down Null.

In the inspiring speech of the week, Iris convinces Barry that he can’t force Ralph to be just like him even in such a dire situation like they are facing while going up against DeVoe.

It all pays off in the end as Ralph has to help save Barry’s life when they go up against Null one last time while she’s robbing a gathering of Central City’s elite. Ralph is able to stop Barry from plummeting to his death after Null releases him into the air with her gravity trick and the also manages to put the meta-human dampening handcuffs on her to stall her powers.

Null ends up a prisoner at STAR Labs where she’s out of Clifford DeVoe’s reach and now it’s time for Team Flash to find the final bus meta-human on the list.

Breach of Etiquette

Cisco gets a visit from his future father-in-law Breacher this week after he reveals that during a battle against a villain known as Crucifer on one of the alternate Earths, that his vibing powers suddenly stopped working and he wasn’t able to collar the criminal.

Breacher turns to Cisco and STAR Labs for help but after running multiple tests, Caitlin can only come up with one diagnosis for what’s happening with his powers. Breacher’s advanced age has finally drained him of all his vibing powers and unfortunately there’s nothing he can do to get them back.

Of course, Cisco can’t bring himself to tell Breacher the truth so helps fake it so the life long bounty hunter will believe he’s cured and he’s off to catch another criminal. When Cisco is forced to rescue him from Crucifer, he finally tells Breacher what’s happening with his powers.

Breacher leaves in anger but then returns by the end of the episode dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and flip flops. It seems over the course of an hour, Breacher has suddenly accepted retirement and he’s embracing his new life of leisure.

Breacher thanks Cisco for his help and then makes him an offer he hopes he can’t refuse.

Breacher asks Cisco to join the Collection Agency and team up with his daughter Gypsy where they will jump from parallel universe to parallel universe catching criminals together, which means they will finally be able to spend some quality time together as well. Cisco doesn’t give him an answer right away but he’s at least mulling over the possibility of leaving Team Flash to be with his girlfriend full time.


Back in DeVoe’s hidden lair, his new body is already starting to break down and his wife Marlize is attempting to stave off the deterioration by making some adjustments to his chair.

In the midst of her research, Marlize accidentally knocks over a cup of tea but when she goes to pick it up, she notices a strange glowing material in the middle of her drink. Some research shows Marlize that her loving husband has been dosing her with tears from the Weeper along with some of Dominic Lanse’s DNA that not only makes her become an adoring wife but also much more manageable and less argumentative than before.

Marlize decides to leave herself a message on the computer, warning her about what DeVoe is doing so the next time he does this, she will be able to remember what happened.

Unfortunately, DeVoe walks in as Marlize is finishing her video and that’s when he reveals that she’s been doing this loop for quite some time. He feeds her the mind control substances, she figures out what he’s doing and records the same message over and over again and he just puts her right back under his control.

DeVoe does it to Marlize yet again as he forces her back to his will and by the end of the episode, she’s a doting wife once again just trying to ensure her husband’s survival and that their plans are successful.

Hello, Darkness My Old Friend

Harry has become rather obsessed with his mission to out think the Thinker and he continues to tinker with his thinking cap in an attempt to match his brain power to the villain they’ve been facing all season long.

While Harry is able to help the team capture Null and he even manages to track down the final bus meta-human, it’s still not enough.

So Harry ventures into the time vault — the hidden room where Eobard Thawne conspired against Barry for the entire first season — before hooking his thinking cap into the same plugs where Thawne kept his Reverse Flash suit.

Harry then fires up Gideon — the advanced computer that Thawne brought with him back from the future — and the machine greets him by saying that it’s been more than 1,000 days since they last connected. Harry responds by saying that a lot has changed since then.

By all accounts, Harry is using the fact that when Thawne was in this previous timeline, they shared the same face and features, which allows him to access Gideon and all the computing power he will need to power his thinking cap and bring down DeVoe. Then again, is it possible that this Harry is somehow connected to the Eobard Thawne of the past?

Tune into The Flash next Tuesday night at 8pm ET on the CW to find out!

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