‘The Flash’ Season 4 Will Feature a Time Jump Ahead

‘The Flash’ season 4 will not be picking up right where season 3 left off…

When ‘The Flash’ season 3 came to an end, Barry had defeated Savitar, who was actually a time splintered future version of himself, and he was reunited with the woman he loves after getting engaged to Iris. All seemed well until a breach in the Speed Force resulted in Barry sacrificing himself to stop a cataclysmic event from destroying the Earth as we know it.

Now Barry is trapped in the Speed Force forever — well at least until Team Flash figures out a way to break him free during season 4.

As it turns out according to TV Line, when ‘The Flash’ season 4 picks up it will be six months later with Barry still missing in action and Iris in a dark place while missing the love of her life.

“We still don’t have Barry out of the Speed Force,” Candice Patton (Iris West) said. “Iris is really struggling to deal with that, and she does it in her own way.”

Rumors have been swirling that Iris will take on a bigger role in Team Flash in Barry’s absence but there’s still no word on when he might actually return to the world from the Speed Force.

‘The Flash’ season 4 will debut on the CW on Tuesday night, October 10 at 8pm ET.

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