‘The Flash’: Tom Felton Not Returning as Series Regular for Season 4

It looks like Tom Felton will no longer be a part of Team Flash in ‘The Flash’ season 4…

It appears ‘Harry Potter’ star Tom Felton will disappear-acus from ‘The Flash’ in season 4.

After debuting as CSI specialist Julian Albert during ‘The Flash’ season 3, Felton is not currently slated to return to the show in a series regular or even recurring fashion when the series debuts in October.

Felton’s character played a pivotal role during ‘The Flash’ season 3 as an emissary for the deadly Savitar before brandishing his evil side gig to join up with Team Flash full time where he began a romantic relationship with Caitlin Snow before she transformed into the villainous Killer Frost.

As of now, Felton isn’t expected to appear at all in ‘The Flash’ season 4 although he could make some sort of return depending on how the story develops.

‘The Flash’ season 4 picks up six months after the conclusion of season 3 with Barry Allen trapped in the Speed Force while Wally West has taken up the mantle as the savior of Central City with Kid Flash taking center stage in his absence.

While Felton is no longer part of the cast, ‘The Flash’ has added several new characters this season including Neil Sandilands (The 100) taking on the lead villain role as Clifford Devoe aka The Thinker, Kim Engelbrecht playing The Mechanic, who devises all sorts of devices for The Thinker and Danny Trejo playing a legendary bounty hunter named Breacher, who is also father to Earth 19’s Gypsy.

‘The Flash’ season 4 debuts on the CW on Tuesday night, October 10 at 8pm


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