‘The Flash’: What Happened In the Unexpected Season 6 Finale?

“The Flash” came to an abrupt end on Tuesday night due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic shutting down production so how did season 6 come to an end? Read on…

By Damon Martin — Editor/Lead Writer

“The Flash” season 6 came to a close on Tuesday night in an unexpected finale after production on the show was shut down due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

While there remained a glimmer of hope that production would pick back up again, Warner Bros. and the producers behind the show ultimately decided to bring the season to an end after episode 19 with three more episodes that were originally planned.

The good news is “The Flash” still came to a satisfying conclusion with a nifty cliffhanger that sets up season 7, although the big bad from season 6 wasn’t actually vanquished in the end like usual.

With that said, let’s recap where “The Flash” season 6 ended and what lies ahead in season 7.

The Mirror Mistress

The second half of the season of “The Flash” mostly revolved around the Mirror-verse where Iris got trapped while investigating the head of McCulloch Technologies in the wake of “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” which affected the entire “Arrow-verse” on the CW.

Iris being trapped in the Mirror-verse allowed Eva McCulloch to escape as she plotted her revenge for six years after she got stuck there and rather than forging ahead with a rescue mission, her husband Joseph Carver essentially left her there to die while he sold off her technology for weapons advancements and made a lot of money.

Eva made her escape from the Mirror-verse and in the finale she was determined to get to her husband and exact vengeance upon him. As much as Team Flash wanted to let Carver die for his many crimes and misdemeanors — including threats made against Joe West that put him into witness protection — they couldn’t allow Eva to kill him.

So Barry and the team were forced to protect him but despite their best intentions, Eva still got to her ex-husband.

In the end, Eva sliced through Barry with shards of mirrored glass and then killed her husband with them. While she could have just as easily finished the Flash as well, Eva made it clear that she’s not an arch-villain — she just wanted vengeance on her husband.

While Team Flash was left whole at the end, Barry still didn’t have Iris back and Joseph Carver was dead.

A New Big Bad

Throughout the episode, Ralph continued to run into Sue Dearbon, who was out to get Joseph Carver as well thanks to his extortion scheme keeping her parents under his control. While Ralph and Barry watched Carver’s evidence go up in smoke (thanks to a fire set by Eva’s henchmen), Sue was still determined to put an end to her parents’ tormentor once and for all.

Eventually, Sue got talked off the ledge by Ralph as the two of them continue to grow closer together.

Meanwhile, Frost prepared for a journey north with her mother to deal with the problems she’s been facing lately. In reality, this storyline was set up to allow actress Dana Panabaker time off to give birth to her first child. Of course, no one could plan for a pandemic that would have allowed her the time off she needed anyways but the story came to a close with Frost getting closer with her mother while offering Barry some words of advice as he prepared for a final showdown with Eva.

Cisco was also absent from the finale as he traveled to Atlantis for additional help to deal with the Mirror-verse problem.

And finally following her victory over Joseph Carver, Eva plants herself back as the head of McCulloch Technologies while painting a picture that she was taken hostage for the past six years and her dutiful husband was desperately trying to get her back from a crime syndicate that kidnapped her. Sadly, Eva tells the press that her husband died while trying to rescue her and now she will carry on the company that she started while honoring his memory.

Oh one other small problem — Eva names Sue Dearbon as the person responsible for her husband’s death.

Just as Sue is getting ready to leave town, Ralph has to give her the bad news that she’s now a wanted criminal.

As for Barry and Team Flash, they reconvene at the CCPD to begin orchestrating a plan to bring down Eva. Thankfully they’ll have some help after Joe comes out of hiding and rejoins his family since Carver is no longer a threat to him.

Unfortunately it’s not all good news because Nash begins to realize the threat that’s facing Iris in the Mirror-verse as she spends more and more time there. It seems there’s a neural dissonance that happens as a result of time spent in the Mirror-verse, which means the longer Iris stays there, the less chance she’ll ever return home again as anything close to the same person Barry Allen loved with all his heart.

The closing moments brought us back to the Mirror-verse where Iris and Kamilla continued to search for the real Chief Singh, who hasn’t been found since he was switched out for a duplicate to help serve Eva’s needs. As time passes, Iris continues connect with the technology inside the Mirror-verse but that also comes at a cost thanks to that neural dissonance she’s suffering from with each passing day.

In the end, Iris locates Chief Singh but then she begins to flutter and shake before turning into a crystalized series of mirrors and disappearing into thin air. Did Iris just escape the Mirror-verse or did she take one step closer to merging with this alternate universe that eventually drove Eva McCulloch mad?

Chances are there would have been resolution for all of these questions but now the stories will pick up when “The Flash” season 7 returns later this year. While it’s not the finale the series had planned, the stories that were up and running still managed to find a satisfying conclusion with a well-placed cliffhanger that will pick up with the new episodes.

One added bonus was the addition of Eva McCulloch, who has turned into a worthy adversary to Team Flash with a much different kind of motivation than many of the villains in the past. Plus, Eva isn’t driven by pure evil so her intentions aren’t quite as nefarious as the likes of Eobard Thawn or Zoom. That gives Eva a few more layers to deal with when the show returns later this year!


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