‘The Gifted’ Cancelled After 2 Seasons on FOX

The X-Men related series ‘The Gifted’ has been cancelled after two seasons on FOX as the company continues to rebrand itself after the sale to Disney…

Another X-Men television series is done after ‘The Gifted’ was cancelled following two seasons on FOX.

The network made the decision this week to scrap the series starring Stephen Moyer, Amy Acker, Emma Dumont, and Natalie Alyn Lind.

Based on characters from the X-Men universe, ‘The Gifted’ started as a series focused around the Strucker family after the two teenage kids develop mutant powers in an age where mutants have largely been cast as villains following a cataclysmic event that claimed the lives of numerous humans.

The series premiered to nearly 5 million viewers in 2017 but over the course of two seasons, the ratings dropped dramatically with the season 2 finale averaging just 1.61 million viewers.

While ‘The Gifted’ was cancelled, another X-Men related series — ‘Legion’ — will wrap up its run with a third and final season on FX later this year. Unlike ‘The Gifted’, ‘Legion’ was always expected to end after three seasons as planned by series created Noah Hawley.

All of the X-Men properties now return to Disney after purchasing those assets as part of the sale of FOX that closed in March. It’s unclear at this time if Disney will develop new X-Men television series once they begin producing more content this year but now that option is available to them.

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