‘The Gifted’ Renewed for Season 2 on FOX

The X-Men spinoff series ‘The Gifted’ has officially been picked up for season 2 on FOX…

‘The Gifted’ will be back for season 2.

The series based on characters from the X-Men universe has officially been renewed for a second season on FOX just days away from a special two hour season finale that will wrap the freshman campaign for the well received series on FOX.

‘The Gifted’ follows the Strucker family, who are on the run after discovering that both of their children are mutants, in an age where humanity is seeking to capture and imprison all mutants on Earth following a disastrous event that led to the end of the X-Men. The Struckers eventually meet up with the Mutant Underground — the last remnants of the once mighty X-Men — as they attempt to avoid capture from the authorities.

Thus far, ‘The Gifted’ has been a very solid performer for FOX and the series has received favorable reviews from critics as well.

The two-hour season finale of ‘The Gifted’ will air this Monday night starting at 8pm ET on FOX with the new season expected to go into production later this year.

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