‘The OA’ Travels to an Alternate Dimension in the Trailer for ‘Part II’ (VIDEO)

‘The OA’ will finally return on March 22 as Prairie travels to an alternate dimension just as she predicted and she finds herself in a much different life…

It’s been more than two years since the first season of ‘The OA’ debuted on Netflix but the series co-created by and starring Brit Marling is finally ready to return with ‘Part II’ set to debut on the streaming service on March 22.

At the end of ‘The OA’ season one, Prairie discovered her true meaning as The OA — Original Angel — and her ability to transport into an alternate universe. Prairie had returned home after going missing for seven years where she was experimented on by an evil scientist named Hap, who was determined to use her to discover the secret of inter-dimensional travel.

When she came home again, Prairie was able to see where she was once blind and she immediately proceeded to recruit a new team that would help her recreate the same ‘movements’ that would then allow them to travel to that alternate dimension.

At the end of season one, Prairie’s team had abandoned her, thinking she was a fraud but a school shooting was stopped when her friends performed the ‘movements’ and the gunman was distracted. In the process, however, Prairie was shot by a stray bullet and rushed to the hospital.

As ‘Part II’ picks up, The OA is in the hospital where she answers a series of questions but then discovers she’s no longer in the same world — she’s been transported into an alternate universe version of herself where she’s a wealthy woman living in San Francisco under a completely different name. Back on her world, the rest of the team is determined to find the true meaning behind her stories and find those same alternate realities she promised they would discover together.

Check out the trailer for ‘The OA — Part II’ ahead of the season debut on Netflix on March 22.

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