‘The Strain’ Will End Following Season 5 Plus Corey Stoll Goes Hairless and Much More

‘The Strain’ is living on a finite time line with five seasons planned for the vampire drama as well as some new details about the current season plus Corey Stoll goes bald!

‘The Strain’ is currently in the middle of season 2 on FX but the series got some good news on Friday after the network officially renewed the show for season 3 in 2016.

It appears season 3 will serve as the midway point for the series because according to show runner Carlton Cuse, who confirmed plans for ‘The Strain’ to run exactly five seasons in total and nothing more.

“Season 3 will be 10 episodes, and then Seasons 4 and 5 will be 10 episodes each, and that will be the end,” Cuse said.

Season 2 and season 3 will focus on creator Guillermo Del Toro’s second novel in ‘The Strain’ trilogy while season 4 and season 5 will span the final novel in the series.

Also after a season and a half of lead actor Corey Stoll (Ephraim Goodweather) rocking a wig on the show, he will ‘shave’ those locks for this Sunday’s episode on FX titled ‘Quick and Painless’. Eph will go incognito, which requires him to lose the hair. We can exclusively reveal a photo of Corey Stoll from the upcoming episode below.

THE STRAIN -- "Quick and Painless" -- Episode 205 (Airs August 9, 10:00 pm e/p) Pictured: Corey Stoll as Ephraim Goodweather. CR: Michael Gibson/FX

Stoll didn’t mind the hair as much as the viewers seemed to apparently, but he said it ultimately became too much of a distraction to the audience so the series fast tracked the shaved head for this season.

“There’s something nice about having a form of a ‘mask,’ something that differentiates me from the character,”Stoll said. “But I think it was pretty clear that me having me hair was a distraction for the audience.”

Series producers also revealed that Samanthis Mathis’ character Councilwoman Feraldo will definitely meet up with Eph and his band of vampire hunters this season. It might happen sooner for at least one of them after Fet was arrested by her clean up crew in Brooklyn during last week’s episode.

It was also revealed on Friday that the popular flashbacks in ‘The Strain’ will continue throughout season 2 with details about characters and past interactions revealed.

‘The Strain’ returns on Sunday night at 10pm ET on FX

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