‘The Walking Dead’ Casts Major Comic Book Character for Season 9

‘The Walking Dead’ will be moving forward into a story known as ‘The Whisperer War’ and a key character from the comics has been cast…

A lot will be changing with ‘The Walking Dead’ season 9.

Andrew Lincoln — who plays Rick Grimes — and Lauren Cohan — who plays Maggie Rhee — will both be leaving the show during season 9, while also dealing with a big time jump between when we left the show and when it returns in October.

One major storyline that’s coming up in ‘The Walking Dead’ involves a group from the comic books known as The Whisperers.

This group walks amongst the dead by actually wearing skins of human flesh, which allows them to move alongside the zombies while speaking to each other in hushed tones — thus the name of the group, The Whisperers.

The leader of The Whisperers is named Alpha and she will be played by Samantha Morton and now the girl who will play her daughter has been cast as well.

Cassady McClincy — who just recently starred in the film ‘Love, Simon’ — has been cast in the role of Lydia, who is Alpha’s daughter in The Whisperers.

Now what’s going to change rather dramatically from the original comic book story is that Lydia is romantically attached to Carl Grimes — and he’s already been killed on ‘The Walking Dead’ TV series.

So how Lydia will tie back into the new story being told in ‘The Walking Dead’ remains to be seen but now we know Alpha will still have a daughter when The Whisperers arrive on the canvas in season 9.

‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 will debut on AMC on Sunday night, October 7 at 9 p.m. ET.

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