‘The Walking Dead’: First Look at the Second Half of Season 8 (VIDEO)

Get your first look at the second half of ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8 ahead of the premiere on February 25…

It’s going to be two months before we see the fallout from the shocking mid-season finale on ‘The Walking Dead’ but we’ve got our first glimpse of the next stages of ‘All Out War’.


Following the destruction of Alexandria and with the Kingdom being taken over, Rick and the survivors are on their heels after tasting victory against the Saviors just a little bit too early.

Add to that, Rick is going to have to deal with his own personal fallout after discovering that his son Carl has been bitten by a walker and his time left in this world is limited.

What will happen when ‘All Out War’ resumes on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 8? Take a look at the trailer to find out.

‘The Walking Dead’ returns on Sunday night, February 25 on AMC.

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