‘The Walking Dead’: Lauren Cohan Confirms She Is Returning for Season 9

Maggie will be back for The Walking Dead season 9 after actress Lauren Cohan revealed her return to the series after stressful contract negotiations…

As The Walking Dead gets ready to kick off production on season 9 next week, the long running AMC series got some very good news on Monday night as actress Lauren Cohan confirmed her return to the show.

In recent weeks, Cohan has been locked in contract negotiations with The Walking Dead over a disparity in pay that she was receiving versus some of her male counterparts on the show. While Cohan wasn’t looking for the same money as stars Andrew Lincoln or Norman Reedus, she was targeting a number closer to her male co-stars.

The battle in negotiations eventually led to Cohan booking a pilot on ABC called Whiskey Cavalier, which left many wondering if her days on The Walking Dead were numbered.

Well Cohan confirmed on Monday night during a CinemaCon panel for her new movie Mile 22 that she was definitely returning for The Walking Dead season 9.

“Yes, I’m going back,” Cohan said about returning for The Walking Dead season 9. “There’s a lot more Maggie story to tell. You know we’re not allowed to tell you anything, but it’s good.”

Now Cohan’s return still doesn’t explain how much time she’ll be spending on The Walking Dead during season 9 — it could possibly be in a recurring status or she might be back full time. Her pilot at ABC still hasn’t been picked up to series so there’s no telling if that will even more forward at this time and there’s always a chance based on filming schedules that she could do both series simultaneously.

For now the good news is that Cohan is coming back for The Walking Dead season 9 as the series shifts gears following a two season arc where the survivors were pitted against Negan and his Saviors.

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