‘The Walking Dead’: New Series Title Revealed Along with Teaser Trailer (VIDEO)

The third series in “The Walking Dead” universe now has a title and a teaser trailer as the show is set to debut on AMC in 2020…

“The Walking Dead” is expanding again with a third series set in that same universe and now the show has a title and a new teaser trailer.

“The Walking Dead: World Beyond” will feature a group of kids who grew up after the zombie apocalypse happened, which means they never new the idealized world that everyone else once inhabited before the dead started to rise up against the living.

There still aren’t many details available for the new series except that we know the concept takes place years after the zombie apocalypse has already started. A new teaser trailer for “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” was also released and it tied back to the original series currently in the middle of season 10 on AMC

In the opening moments of “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” you see a helicopter with three circles clustered together as a symbol on the side. That’s the same symbol of the helicopter that flew Rick Grimes away for medical attention after it appeared that he died blowing up a bridge to save his friends and it’s the same symbol that appeared on “Fear the Walking Dead” last season when Al ran into a woman with that same symbol on her clothes while speaking about a helicopter that her community used.

“Walking Dead’ boss Scott Gimple previously stated that the three-ringed group known as CRM will play a major role in the upcoming third series with ties back to “The Walking Dead”, “Fear the Walking Dead” and the upcoming films that will see Andrew Lincoln return as Rick Grimes.

For now take a look at the new teaser trailer for “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” and get ready for the show to debut on AMC during the Spring of 2020.

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