‘The Walking Dead’ Preview: ‘The Whisperer War Is Upon Us’ in the Second Half of Season 10 (VIDEO)

In this preview for the second half of “The Walking Dead” season 10, the cast and crew predict an incredible sequence of events that leads to The Whisperer War…

The Whisperer War is coming to “The Walking Dead.”

On Sunday night, February 23, the hit AMC series returns for the second half of season 10 where alliances are made and broken, lives are lost and the simmering tension between the survivors and the Whisperers finally erupts into a war.

Ahead of the second half of season 10 of “The Walking Dead,” the cast and crew look ahead to what will unfold during these final eight episodes that pick up in the aftermath of the cliffhanger in the mid-season finale. During that episode, Carol’s obsession to get revenge on Alpha culminated in many of the survivors — including Daryl — were trapped in a cave where the Whisperers had hidden their gigantic horde of zombies.

Now the group are trapped with seemingly no way to escape and the survivors back in Alexandria have to figure out whether or not they can trust Gamma, who arrives at the community to warn them about Alpha’s plans and what happened to their friends.

“Everything is just in question,” showrunner Angela Kang said about the second half of the season. “Borders have been crossed. The truce has never been truly a truce. And that’s all going to come to a head.
“The first half of the season, we really saw a cold war approach and in the second half it really gets hot.”

In addition to the survivors being trapped at the cave by Alpha, there’s also the situation with Negan looming overhead after he escaped captivity in Alexandria and made his way to the camp with the Whisperers. He told them that he wants to join their ranks and it appears Alpha is interested in retaining his services but Beta is clearly not as trusting.

“You just don’t know where he sits with anything,” Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who portrays Negan, said about his character. “Negan and Alpha together are a formidable twosome.”

Comic book readers might have an idea where Negan will go next but the series has changed so much from the source material that it’s nearly impossible at this point to predict exactly what will happen next.

That also applies to fan favorite Michonne (Danai Gurira), who will be leaving “The Walking Dead” before the end of season 10. Now at this point, no one has said if Michonne will be written off — perhaps returning in the upcoming films centered around Rick Grimes (as played by Andrew Lincoln) — or if she might die.

Michonne exited the communities at the end of the most recent episode as she traveled with a stranger, who is apparently set up at a military base on an island near Washington D.C. She’s going there to get supplies and weapons that could help the survivors defeat the Whisperers but a trailer released along with the preview seems to hint at an ominous exit for the character. Take a look at that below.

One thing we know for certain is that the fight between the survivors and the Whisperers will ratchet up with each episode in the second half of “The Walking Dead” season 10 and it all culminates in a famous moment from the comics.

“The Whisperer War is upon us,” Ryan Hurst, who plays Beta, said about the epic battle that will break out during season 10.

In the comics, “The Whisperer War” is an iconic series of fights between the survivors and the Whisperers but many of the characters featured during that battle have already died or aren’t currently on the canvas so it’s anybody’s guess at how this plays out.

Plus one more major surprise is still lurking during these last eight episodes — Maggie Rhee (played by Lauren Cohan) will make her return before coming back in a full time role for season 11 later this year.

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