‘The Walking Dead’ Producers Address Lauren Cohan’s Exit and Her Future on the Show

Lauren Cohan has already appeared on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 for the final time but the question remains if she will return…

Maggie Rhee has left the building.

Actress Lauren Cohan has already made her final appearance on ‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 back in the fifth episode but there was no grand exit scheme for her similar to the one orchestrated around Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) leaving the series.

It’s been well publicized that Cohan had a contract dispute with ‘The Walking Dead’ prior to season 9 and ended up signing onto a new ABC series called ‘Whiskey Cavalier’ that was picked up for next year.

Cohan split her time between the new series and ‘The Walking Dead’ but planned to drastically cut down on her workload on the zombie apocalypse drama with a new full time gig on ‘Whiskey Cavalier’.

On Sunday night, ‘The Walking Dead’ chief content officer Scott Gimple and show runner Angela Kang released a statement via ‘Talking Dead’ about Cohan’s future on the show.

“Maggie’s last episode this season was 905 but it wasn’t the end of Maggie’s story. We love Lauren Cohan and hope to have her back on the big program and/or beyond. We have built the story to service that.”

As of now, there’s no telling whether or not Cohan will return to ‘The Walking Dead’ but obviously the door is open if she becomes available. In the story after a six year time jump, Maggie has taken her son Hershel and started traveling with Georgie as they work to open new communities around the area.

There was no major announcement regarding Cohan’s final episode during ‘The Walking Dead’ season 9 because obviously the show hopes to get her back, even in a limited role, at some point in the future.

Right now it remains a mystery if that will happen but based on the statement from Gimple and Kang, they would be open to Cohan coming back to ‘The Walking Dead’ or perhaps even one of their upcoming spinoffs like the trio of films they are plotting with Lincoln returning to his role as Rick Grimes.

For now, look for Cohan on her new series on ABC in 2019.

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