‘The Walking Dead’: Watch the Opening Minutes from the Season 10 Debut Episode (VIDEO)

‘The Walking Dead’ returns this Sunday night but you can check out the opening few minutes of the debut for season 10 right now…

A war is coming to ‘The Walking Dead’ in season 10 but this isn’t the same kind of battle that the survivors fought against Negan and the Saviors.

Instead this time around, the group are facing off with a sadistic leader named Alpha and her minions, The Whisperers — a cult like following that wears the skins of the dead in order to walk amongst them and control huge herds that are used as weapons.

When ‘The Walking Dead’ ended in season 9, the Whisperers had struck a deadly blow to the survivors by wiping out a huge number of people including Enid, Tara and Henry, who have all been decapitated with their heads left on spikes as a sort of boundary between the area the survivors are told to stay and where the Whisperers can roam.

As season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’ gets underway, the survivors are preparing for a fight once again but this time they are making sure all of their positions are fortified, which you’ll see in the debut clip released ahead of the episode with Daryl, Michonne and the others leading a charge at the Oceanside community.

Obviously this season will be another game changer for ‘The Walking Dead’ because Danai Guria will be leaving the show before the season finale, which counts as a second major cast member to exit the series after Andrew Lincoln said his goodbyes last year as Rick Grimes. Now Michonne will be leaving as well, although there’s still no word on how she will exit the show.

Check out this debut clip from season 10 of ‘The Walking Dead’ and don’t forget to come back on Sunday night as we begin our weekly recaps again!

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