‘The Witcher’ Trailer: Is This Netflix’s Answer to ‘Game of Thrones’? (VIDEO)

Netflix unveiled the first look at ‘The Witcher’ during San Diego Comic Con but will the new series serve as a replacement for ‘Game of Thrones’???

The highly anticipated series ‘The Witcher’ got a huge debut at San Diego Comic Con this past week with the first trailer for the show revealed ahead its release on Netflix.

‘The Witcher’ stars Henry Cavill as Gerald of Rivia — a famous monster hunter in a story that delves into all sorts of magic and mysticism with many believing this series could be Netflix’s answer to ‘Game of Thrones’.

It remains to be seen if this series can even come close to that level of popularity but it’s clear Netflix is heavily invested in this show with a massive panel taking place during Comic Con with the trailer already receiving high praise.

‘The Witcher’ already has a huge cult following from the original books and short stories not to mention a video game series that has been very popular over the past few years. With a bona fide movie star like Cavill leading the way, it would certainly appear that Netflix has a series that will immediately garner attention from viewers and critics alike but it’s impossible to know right now how it will be received until after the show is released.

From the trailer it definitely appears that ‘The Witcher’ will take a much deeper dive into fantasy than ‘Game of Thrones’ ever did, especially in the television show, which shied away from that subject matter more and more as the seasons moved past George R.R. Martin’s original books.

With Netflix getting into an arm’s race with a slew of new streaming competitors including Disney+ coming later this year, the network is investing heavily into pop culture projects like ‘The Witcher’ and the upcoming ‘Sandman’ series to continue to drive viewers to their platform while losing the rights to major franchises such as Marvel Studios.

Check out the new trailer for ‘The Witcher’ and see if you think this show could become the next breakout pop culture hit for Netflix.

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