‘True Detective’ Season 3 Trailer Debuts, First Details About the Plot Revealed (VIDEO)

The first full length trailer for ‘True Detective’ season 3 has finally arrived with some plot details being revealed…

The highly anticipated third season of ‘True Detective’ will debut on HBO on January 13, 2019 and the first full length trailer for the series has just debuted.

Set in three different time periods, ‘True Detective’ season 3 follows Detective Wayne Hays — played by Oscar winning actor Mahershala Ali — as he investigates a grisly case involving two missing children in the heart of the Ozarks.

Ali is joined by Stephen Dorff, who plays his partner investigating the macabre crime after it takes place in the early 1980’s.

The story follows three distinct time periods as shown in the trailer with Ali’s character at the center of the investigation over several decades following the original crime.

Take a look at the new trailer for ‘True Detective’ season 3 ahead of the series debut on Jan. 13.

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