‘Venom’ Sequel Starring Tom Hardy Reportedly In the Works at Sony

It looks like ‘Venom’ will live to swing into a sequel with plans moving ahead at Sony with a second film about the infamous Spider-Man villain…

‘Venom’ may have been deadly according to critics but the film based on the Spider-Man villain absolutely killed at the box office making more than $850 million worldwide.

So it’s no surprise that there is a ‘Venom’ sequel already in the works at Sony with original co-screenwriter Kelly Marcel returning to pen the script for the new movie.

While Sony has yet to confirm the news, reports say that both Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are expected to return to the sequel, although there’s no further word on a director because Reuben Fleischer (who handled the first ‘Venom’ movie) will be busy directing ‘Zombieland 2’.

The first ‘Venom’ film did great business at the box office despite the majority of critics panning the film including our own review, which called the movie a ‘muddied mess of CGI, horrible plot and truly cringe worthy dialogue‘.

Still with that kind of money being made on the movie, there was little doubt that Sony would take a second bite at the apple with another ‘Venom’ film in the works.

There’s obviously no word yet on what the plot will be for the second ‘Venom’ movie but it’s a good bet that the sequel will attempt to build on a post credit scene that introduced Woody Harrelson as serial killer Cletus Kasady, who is best known from the Spider-Man comics as a sociopath who joins forces with his own alien symboite and becomes the murderous Carnage.

Stay tuned for more details on the ‘Venom’ sequel as it becomes available.

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